Brass Against apologizes after lead singer urinates on a fan on stage

Sophia Urista performs a cover of Alice In Chains' Rooster with Brass Against
Sophia Urista performs a cover of Alice In Chains’ Rooster with Brass Against. Pic credit: Brass Against/YouTube

Welcome to Rockville attendees got more than a musical act on Thursday night when Brass Against performed. 

Brass Against is a cover band that primarily does brassy covers of rock music, covering artists such as Tool. 

However, while performing Rage Against the Machine’s song Wake Up, lead singer Sophia Urista called a fan on stage and proceeded to pull her pants down and urinate on his face. 

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This was not only a shock to fans in the crowd as the other band members had no idea that she was going to do that.

Spin reports that Urista had made several comments about needing to go pee before she called the fan to the stage. 

After her side performance, the band issued an apology on Twitter on Friday. 

Brass Against posts an apology via Twitter
Pic credit: @BrassAgainst/Twitter

As expected, Twitter had quite the reaction to Sophia Urista’s actions and plenty of jokes to top it off. 

Twitter reacts to Sophia Urista’s urination 

As the video of Sophia Urista urinating on a fan circulated the internet, people took to Twitter to share their opinions, comments, and jokes. 

Brass Against limited the replies that they could receive on their apology tweet, but they were met with support from a couple of fans nonetheless.

Fan Jennifer Campbell responds to Brass Against's apology
Pic credit: @campbell_jen/Twitter

One of the most popular tweets circulating is a video of the act itself happening during the performance, but be aware- it’s messy. 

Although many people on Twitter agree that the act itself was rather gross, there are some people with mixed feelings about the situation. 

Alongside any criticism, there are people who are tweeting their support for Urista, whether joking or not, many do not seem to be upset at the artist for urinating on the fan. 

Regardless of personal thoughts on the situation, the band has assured fans that this will not happen again. 

Sophia Urista has not made a public comment herself regarding the incident on stage, but now her name is making headlines everywhere.

Who is Sophia Urista?

Sophia Urista was a contestant on The Voice in 2016. She was selected by Miley Cyrus during Cyrus’s time as a judge. 

The Sun reports that Urista was a pre-med student, but she moved to New York at 21 and began her life as a performer.

Sophia Urista is engaged to Jess King, a Peloton instructor, and the pair are reportedly focusing on planning out their own future family.

Sophia Urista has been working with Brass Against from the beginning, as the band formed in 2017 and she was featured in some of their covers at that time as well. 

Urista was featured as lead vocalist on Brass Against’s self-titled EP released in April of 2020.

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