Brandon and Leah Jenner announce spilt on Instagram

Brandon Jenner on Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Brandon Jenner and his wife Leah have called it quits. Pic credit: E! Entertainment

Brandon and Leah Jenner have announced that they are officially splitting up. The shocking news came via Instagram as they released a joint statement.

The couple has basically grown up together, meeting in middle school. Their romance started later and they have spent 14 years in a relationship. Brandon and Leah Jenner were married for six years and the two share a little girl together.

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There has been a lot of spotlight on Brandon Jenner in recent years. His father is Caitlyn Jenner who was once married to Kris Jenner of Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame. While Brandon didn’t appear on the show heavily, both him and Leah have made appearances throughout the 15-season run.

In order to avoid a false narrative from outside sources, Brandon and Leah Jenner decided to release a joint statement explaining their split. It appears they want to remain amicable and a family unit despite not being in love anymore. Both insist there was nothing salacious that happened between them and that they merely just grew apart.

During the transition period for Caitlyn, Brandon and Leah Jenner remained supportive. They have been in her corner and when it was discussed on television, he stood by his dad.

As far as making music together goes, Brandon and Leah Jenner did not address that aspect of their relationship in the statement. They began making music together in high school which is when things turned romantic for the friends.

As this difficult time is being absorbed, Brandon and Leah thanked their fans for the support. They are dedicated to raising their daughter together despite life drawing them apart.

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