Bramty Juliette’s brother was arrested and put in jail: YouTuber brands mugshot posters ‘inconsiderate animals’

Bramty Juliette brother mugshot
Bramty Juliette has opened up about her incarcerated brother in new a YouTube vlog. Pic credit: The Bramfam/YouTube

Popular YouTuber Bramty Juliette has opened up about her brother who was arrested and is currently in jail for multiple charges.

In a new video, Bramty tells her BramFam about how her 21-year-old brother was planning to join the military but then started hanging around with the wrong crowd, which led to his incarceration.

Juliette also explained why she is finally opening up about her brother being in jail. In the video, which you can watch below, she said that she chose to do so because her brother will be released very soon and she wanted to give her audience a backstory before she takes him “under her wing”.

Bramty revealed that she visits her brother in prison, says he has been productive since being sentenced to jail, and asked fans to “welcome him with open arms” when he is released and becomes part of theBramFam.

Who is Bramty Juliette’s brother and does he have a mugshot?

In her video, Bramty reveals how she tried to keep her brother’s incarceration a secret by deleting comments. She also revealed that her brother was outed by unknown persons who posted his mugshot and personal information on social media — branding them “inconsiderate animals”.

Bramty’s brother was identified online as being Jeff Haynes. His mugshot was taken in Collier County, Florida on December 2016.

According to Naples Daily News, Jeff Haynes was charged with grand theft, home burglaries, automobile theft, and firearms theft after being linked to raids on four homes in which items worth over $17,000 were stolen.

In one incident, Haynes was accused of kicking down double doors to a master bedroom during a burglary in which three guns, jewelry and other items worth more than $10,000 in total were said to have been taken.

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