Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie bring back boho chic celebrity style trend

Jennifer Aniston at the 4th Annual Patron of the Artists Awards, at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts
Jennifer Aniston is looking flirty in a boho chic dress. Pic credit:

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie might seem like a list of the celebrities who face the most romance rumors.

But these three stars are also helping individually to rejuvenate the boho chic style trend. Want to try it in 2020? Get the inside fashion scoop on how to go for the gold in boho chic.

Brad Pitt has changed his style since his split from Angelina Jolie. As Us Weekly pointed out, the ex-husband of Jennifer Aniston has slipped into the role of “style chameleon,” choosing different fashions to match his mood.

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Pitt is fond of opting for separates that belong in the bohemian (boho) category but still allow him to play the role of leading man on the red carpet.

Brad Pitt borrows boho chic from Jennifer Aniston?

The Daily Mail noted that Brad has a history of resembling his current girlfriend, from initially borrowing the boho chic of Jennifer Aniston to going blonde with Gwyneth Paltrow to getting formal with Angelina Jolie.

Now Pitt seems to be going back to his boho chic days after renewing his friendship with Aniston.

Like Jennifer (who knows how to rock at bohemian style print mini dress), Brad tends to reserve his casual boho chic outfits for days when he’s far, far away from those red carpet appearances.

Pitt is fond of those flowing boho chic scarves as well, and it’s tempting to wonder if he got the idea from Aniston.

Brad even managed to work a boho chic scarf into a recent film role.

Now that’s classy and classic.

Jennifer Aniston achieves classic boho chic style

When it comes to a perfectly accessorized boho chic classic style, Jennifer is the winner.

InStyle noted that the Friends actress even went for boho chic at LAX airport recently. Her ensemble included cropped denim jeans, a black spaghetti strap top, and a matching black coat. Add a long ivory scarf with a black trim and those boho chic necklaces that Aniston loves, and you’ve got the perfect no-need-to-worry-about-paparazzi outfit.

Jennifer lets her gold-blonde hair flow over her shoulders, with the dark tones of her coat and top emphasizing her tan. Add in gold-rimmed sunglasses, and you’ve got your boho chic looking effortlessly artful.

Angelina Jolie goes boho chic in white frock

While Aniston and Pitt both prefer their boho chic in dark shades, Angelina Jolie is fond of a classic white outfit.

Jolie knows how to spice it up with this black corset under a flowy white dress.

Angelina knows how to go with the flow of those long sleeves. The lightweight fabric is perfect for boho chic, and Jolie opts for a black corset that peeks out from the back of her otherwise safe dress.

And the winner of the trio? Boho chic style, of course!

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