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Bollywood star Surveen Chawla: My husband doesn’t care if I go nude

Surveen Chawla
Surveen Chawla in a recent photo she shared on Instagram. Credit: @surveenchawla/Instagram

Not since legendary beauty and actress Aishwarya Rai has an Indian actress captivated so much interest in the press worldwide. Surveen Chawla is one hot Indian actress that is catching Hollywood attention, not just her home turf of Bollywood.

The stunning brunette apparently has caused a ripple effect in conservative India where an on-screen kiss is considered ultra-daring. She surprised her entire fanbase with the news of her January marriage when she revealed her marital status in January this year…that she wed her longtime boyfriend Akshay Thakker in Italy back in 2015.

Indian actresses usually “settle down” and become less daring in their choice of material, but Surveen has now given a revealing interview and has hopes that her audience will become more worldly and be accepting of the materials she chooses to explore creatively, namely any nudity or on-screen kissing which is still taboo in her home country.

India is still quite chaste in its entertainment “rules” and codes of conduct. Kissing scenes were completely banned by Indian film censors until the 1990s! It’s still a tricky area for filmmakers.

Talking to the Times of India, she defended her independent status and artistic achievements, saying: “In fact, it has gotten only better. Why does it shock people that I got married? Those days are gone when an actress would achieve her professional goals first and then get married.

“Many actresses achieve great professional heights even after marriage now. Just because I was perceived as a go-getter and an ambitious person, it did not mean that I had no intention of getting married if I found the right guy.

“Marriage and career are not interrelated and people should understand that. Just like any professional woman who continues to work after her marriage, an actress should not wait when she finds the right guy.”

Surveen also added her husband is supportive of her creative decisions, a big help.

She expressed some trepidations about making a commitment as serious as marriage, saying: “I had gone through many ups and downs in my relationships, so I was quite reluctant to get married until I was doubly sure of the person. Besides, it is also a question of hormones, so it is only right that you get married at the right age.”

Surveen also revealed her husband gives her Carte Blanche and treats her as an equal in the arts. She said: “I could kiss my co-actor or even go nude on screen, I can do whatever the script demands in a film and my husband will not say anything about it. That’s the kind of understanding I have with him.

“When I have this kind of comfort level with him, why would I wait to get married? My husband is supportive of my work and I got a companion for life, what more can a woman ask for?”

Her progressive outlook on marriage is a refreshing stance. She said: “Marriage is a natural progression for any man or woman and if you find a partner who only enhances your life, I don’t think actresses should wait.

“When I get a good film project, it is Akshay who says, ‘Go for it’. That’s what partnership is all about. Today, many actresses get married, have babies and make a comeback. The perception with married actresses is changing and it will change further in the future.”

Despite the perhaps shocking headlines about her marriage and her take on kissing and nudity, American audiences are hoping to see Surveen in more TV and film projects in the west.

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