Bobby Brown talks Janet Jackson romance and why it didn’t work

Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown opened up about his relationship with Janet Jackson and why it ended. Pic credit: ©

Superstars Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson both received their own two-part biography series this year, and while Janet primarily focused on her career and family, Bobby divulged some talk of his romantic history. 

Many fans have been waiting to hear about Bobby and Janet’s rumored romantic past. While Janet has remained tight-lipped about it, Bobby opened up during the first night of his A&E documentary, Biography: Bobby Brown

Although Bobby says he found the “love of his life” in his wife Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson still held a special place in his heart.

Bobby Brown says Janet Jackson was ‘the crush of my life’

In the 2018 Bobby biopic, viewers watched scenes showing Bobby and Janet falling in love with each other while she was with Rene Elizondo Jr. In the biopic, there is a scene where Bobby is asking Janet if the color of his skin was an issue with their relationship and if that was the reason she couldn’t be with him. 

While Bobby claims this conversation happened when they were in a hotel bed after having sex, there’s more to their rumored relationship. In the Biography special, Bobby revealed that the two “loved each other’s company,” but that wasn’t enough. 

He added, “We didn’t have that long of a relationship. The reason me and Janet broke it off is because she couldn’t be with a man like myself. I’m from the projects. I’m hood. Her father wouldn’t allow her to be with someone like me. Janet was the crush of my life.”

Janet discussed her strained relationships with her family in her own biography, and it’s no secret to anyone that the Jackson children had issues with their father controlling them, but Janet has yet to speak out on her alleged relationship with Bobby herself. 

However, Janet Jackson isn’t the only singer with whom Bobby is rumored to have had a relationship. 

Bobby Brown opens up on relationship with Madonna

Bobby previously discussed his relationship with Madonna with Us Weekly, advising that they met through mutual friends before spending a “memorable” night together. 

In 2016, he said, “We ended up going to the studio, and the next thing I know, there was some strange things happening to me. [It was] kind of weird, but, you know, memorable.” 

In Biography, Bobby discussed his relations with Madonna again. 

“Did I sleep with Madonna?” Bobby asked before laughing, “We didn’t do any sleeping.”

He added, “That just happened. I don’t even know how it happened. I don’t believe she knows how it happened. But we didn’t do no sleeping.”

Biography: Bobby Brown Episode 2 airs Tuesday, May 31 at 8/7c. The episodes can be streamed on 

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