Bob Massi cause of death: TV lawyer had been battling cancer

Bob Massi death cancer
Bob Massi, longtime TV lawyer passed away on Wednesday. Pic credit: Fox News/YouTube.

Television personality Bob Massi, who hosted Bob Massi is The Property Man for three seasons on Fox Business Network died on Wednesday. The reported cause of death was cancer.  

The 67-year-old had a long battle with a form of cancer that was not specified in a statement released by his family. 

Many fans have paid tribute to the TV lawyer along with colleagues over at FOX.  His fellow FOX News colleagues stated that his death came as a surprise. 

Massi worked as a courtroom lawyer for almost 30 years while acting as a TV lawyer for more than two decades. His reported on several high-profile cases including the Michael Jackson trial, OJ Simpson murder case and Scott Peterson trial. 

Bob Massi’s career began in the ’80s, giving legal advice on KLAS-TV. He built a successful career on the Fox network since 1996, appearing on Fox & Friends and other news segments giving legal advice on a variety of issues.  

It is unclear how long Massi suffered from cancer prior to his untimely death — only that it was an “extended battle.” 

Massi ran a law firm in Nevada and graduated from St. Mary’s University School of Law in Texas. 

Bob Massi is survived by his wife Lynne and three children Dominic, Robert and Genna. The 67-year-old lawyer also had two brothers and six grandchildren. 

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