Blake Lively’s baby due date: How far along is pregnant star?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their third child. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/StarMaxWorldwide

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting a baby.

Lively, 31, debuted her baby bump on Thursday at the New York City premiere of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

When the Gossip Girl star appeared on the red carpet at hubby Ryan Reynold’s Pokemon: Detective Pikachu premiere, everyone immediately noticed that she had a hand placed over what was clearly a baby bump, while Reynolds seemed unable to keep his eyes off her belly.

She was wearing a close-fitting dress that was a shade of yellow similar to the Detective Pikachu Pokemon that Reynolds voices in the new action/fantasy comedy film that premiered on May 2. The dress accentuated and showed off her baby bump.

Blake Lively later confirmed that she was pregnant with their third child. Ever since Lively confirmed that she is pregnant, fans have been wondering how far along she is and when is her due date.

How far along is Lively and when is she due?

Blake has not shared any information about how far along she is or when she is due, and it is difficult to judge only by the size of her baby bump. But some fans have guessed that she could be about three months pregnant because this is the time that most expecting mothers first announce their pregnancy.

If Blake is three months pregnant, that would put her due date in October or November 2019. However, she may be farther along than that by the look of her baby bump. If that’s the case, we can expect baby number three to come even sooner.

We will update readers as soon as Blake reveals exactly how far along she is.

Blake and Ryan are known for keeping their family life private

Blake and Ryan got married in 2012 and already have two children, 4-year-old James and 2-year-old Inez.

They are known to be fiercely protective of their family’s privacy. They have been taking care to give their children a private life they believe they deserve.

To secure their children’s privacy, Reynolds, 42, and Lively, 31, live away from Hollywood in Bedford, New York.

Reynolds recently revealed that he and Lively don’t do movies at the same time so that the family can always be together and there is always one of them available for their kids.

“Blake and I don’t do movies at the same time. If she is doing a movie in Thailand and I am doing a movie in Vancouver we would just never see each other. We operate as a unit, and that works really well for us,” Reynolds said.

“The kids stay with us, and the family stays together, and that is where home is,” he continued. “So if we are in Spain or Utah or New York, as long as we are together, we’re home.”

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