Blac Chyna baby rumors: Is she pregnant?

Blac Chyna poses with blonde hair and a vacant stare
Is Blac Chyna pregnant? Pic credit: @blacchyna/Instagram

Is Blac Chyna pregnant? This isn’t the first time this year that we’ve been around the block with this question about whether King Cairo and Dream Kardashian are getting a new sibling.

In fact, this is at least the third time this year that the spotlight has been on Blac Chyna’s uterus. In January 2018, there were rumors that Chyna may be with child. She wasn’t and instead, chalked it all up to being bloated.

Then, in April 2018, the Blac Chyna is pregnant rumors started circulating again. Many thought it was the real deal, especially after her boyfriend at the time, YBN Almighty Jay, bragged about how he doesn’t use condoms and that if he did get Chyna pregnant, he’d want to keep the baby.

She wasn’t pregnant that time either. After appearing in June with what visibly looked like a baby bump, again Blac Chyna blamed it all on being bloated and denied that she was pregnant.

Here we are in October 2018 and again, we are asking, “Is Blac Chyna pregnant?”

A quick scan of her Instagram makes it look like she probably isn’t since Chyna posted an ad for a 14 day detox just one day ago. Then again, it’s no secret that she can promote things like that without actually using them.

However, it looks like the latest pregnancy rumor started when Blac Chyna uploaded a video of her very pregnant belly to her Instagram stories. The video has expired now but as usual, internet sleuths have been able to grab a copy.

Even though this was recently uploaded, it looks like Blac Chyna may have either shared accidentally or maybe she’s trying to drum up some new headlines. If that was the case, it worked!

The Shade Room quickly debunked any rumors that Blac Chyna is pregnant or that the video is new. Instead, they showed proof that she already shared pictures and video while wearing the exact same outfit and with the exact same baby bump when she was carrying Dream Kardashian.

For now, it looks like Blac Chyna isn’t pregnant. Instead, she was just trolling us all with old pregnancy footage. Maybe she was reminiscing and wishing for another child.

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