Billie Eilish wax figure unveiled and immediately gets dragged on social media

Billie Eilish at Netflix premiere
Fans roast Billie Eilish’s latest wax figure after it was unveiled in Hollywood on Sunday. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Fans were quick to give their opinions on the Hollywood Wax Museum’s latest wax figurine of singer Billie Eilish.

The museum unveiled the figure of the 20-year-old megastar on Sunday, June 26. Photos of the new statue quickly made their way around the internet and had fans saying it didn’t resemble Eilish and made her look twice her age.

Details on Billie Eilish’s latest Hollywood wax figurine

The museum’s figure of Eilish shows the Bad Guy singer wearing an all-white outfit that consists of a collared shirt with mirrored “BB” jewel emblems. She holds up both hands – which feature long, pink nails – and wears white lace gloves with “BIL LIE” written across them.

For the wax figure’s face, it shows Eilish with a somewhat solemn facial expression with seemingly half-open eyes. Her forehead is also covered by bangs, which go with the rest of the softly curled, bright blonde hairstyle.

When it comes to the expression on the Billie Eilish dupe, fans of the singer trolled the wax copy immediately to let the museum know that it didn’t exactly resemble her as best as it could’ve.

What did fans say about Eilish’s wax figure?

The unveiling of Eilish’s figure had social media – primarily Twitter – in nothing short of an uproar to roast the reputable wax museum.

“How on earth did they finish this wax figure and thought ‘yeah this looks like billie eilish’ THERE IS LIKE ZERO RESEMBLACE,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Say sike rn,” another user tweeted. “The way the ‘telling my kids this was Billie eilish’ joke is gonna be real in the future when people go to the wax museum and see THIS?? Pls no stop it.”

One of the top comments on her figurine included that Eilish looked much older than she does in real life.

“Yeah it’s Billie Eilish when she is 50 years old. One day we’ll all admit ppl need to stop making wax figures,” user @LunaTheeGreat tweeted.

User @Astrofyre wrote, “The new Billie Eilish wax figure looks like a stunt double at best lmaoooo wtf is thaaaat.”

Tweet about Billie Eilish's wax figure
Pic credit: @Astrofyre/Twitter

“Even I look more like billie eilish than this wax figure,” another Twitter user said.

Some people said that since the figure was so inaccurate, it shouldn’t even have the same name as the Grammy-winning singer. “Whoever do the wax figure of billie eilish should get fired. That’s not billie eilish… thats billy eilis.”

Billie Eilish has yet to make a comment on the new wax figurine herself, but it seems as if fans have been more than willing to do it for her.

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