Billie Eilish unveils new music video with captivating visuals

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Billie Eilish released a new video. Pic credit: @billieeilish/Instagram

Although Billie Eilish had company, collaborating with another artist for her latest musical efforts, the name of her new song was Never Felt So Alone.

Billie joined forces with Labrinth, an established singer-songwriter from the UK whose music has appeared on HBO’s Euphoria.

Together, the musicians created magic with a melody that soothed the ears. Both Billie’s signature whispers and Labrinth’s soulful vocals blended seamlessly in this haunting track, brought to life in the music video.

The two artists have a lot in common, both pushing boundaries in music and providing cutting-edge sounds.

Billie and Labrinth extended their unique traits to another format, creating a music video that launched over the weekend. Celebrating the music video release, Billie took to Instagram to share exclusive glimpses into the visual masterpiece. She posted a five-part share, with videos and images from the video in a carousel format.

The IG carousel provided fans with a behind-the-scenes look and served as the perfect teaser to attract viewers.

Billie Eilish releases Never Felt So Alone

The song and subsequent video explored themes of heartache and loneliness, highlighted by Billie in head-to-toe white. The video featured an ethereal landscape with dark undertones, creating an eerie yet mesmerizing energy. 

In the first part of the post, fans could see this intense vibe, with Billie sitting in a pool in an industrial setting.

The second shot saw Billie and Labrinth in all white, with a grainy filter and a BTS sneak peek.

The third picture featured studio equipment, including an overhead camera that captured Billie in the pool.

Subsequent shows showed Billie with her dark tresses falling over her face as she performed in a dramatic fashion.

It appears Billie can add Never Felt So Alone to her growing string of hits and award-winning music.

It also seems Billie has an affinity for dark and gloomy water scenes. For Billie’s second perfume launch last November, she used a similar setting to promote her product.

Billie Eilish launches Eilish No. 2

After launching a successful perfume in 2021, Billie dropped a second fragrance, Eilish No. 2.

Billie’s latest scent features notes of Italian bergamot, apple blossom, and black pepper. The aromas blend to create a dark and woodsy scent, which is reflected in the advertisement for the fragrance.

The Ocean Eyes singer chose a similar set-up to the one in her Labrinth video.

However, for the Eilish No. 2 shoot, Billie wore all-black.

As Billie showed in social media posts, she posed in a mini pool of water, with rain cascading from overhead.

Bright lights and special effects created a dark vibe as Billie channeled her latest fragrance.

Fans can purchase Eilish No. 2 on Billie’s website for $72 or at Ulta Beauty.

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