Billie Eilish stuns fans with a big announcement

Billie Eilish takes a selfie.
Billie Eilish made a huge announcement while getting soaking wet and showing off her curves. Pic credit: @billieeilish/Instagram

Billie Eilish just dropped some major news and did it all in the most eye-catching way possible.

Using her celebrity status to help spread the word about her latest endeavor, Billie kickstarted her perfume line last year, sharing the news while going topless.

The singer was at it again with her most recent online share, excitedly announcing that the second installment of her fragrance line is set to be released soon.

Sharing a series of three social media posts with her adoring fans, Billie looked all grown up in her sheer attire as she went for a slightly seductive posing session to entice followers to read more.

Starting with a stunning, rain-drenched snap, Billie could be seen sitting on the concrete, splashes of water seeming to jump right off the floor and into the air behind her.

Gazing off in the distance, Billie’s sheer, black dress clung to her wet skin, and her stark black hair hung in dripping strands around her face.

Billie Eilish gets soaking wet to promote Eilish Fragrances

“Guess WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!!?!!?!” she excitedly captioned the post.

“Eilish No. 2 will be available tomorrow at 9am PT in the US!!!!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 on !!!!!!!!!! i couldn’t be happier with every piece of this. i’m beyond excited for you to have it.”

The singer’s next share gave a close-up look at her flawless face; her lips plumped up with a mauve gloss and her eyes outlined in dark mascara.

With her dark locks still sticking wetly to her forehead and face, Billie gripped a bottle of her perfume and showed off some seriously lengthy nails.

Billie tagged British photographer Glen Luchford, giving him a big shout-out for taking the stunning shot.

For her final post, Billie gave a side-view of her look, showing off a hint of her black bra underneath her loosely-closed top while captioning the pic with a simple, “Eilish No. 2 tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The young singer, who will turn 21 next month, has kept busy with her singing career and a world tour wrapped up in late September.

Following her meteoric rise to fame in her teens, Billie has taken the music industry by storm and done what many celebs do, dabbling in a side gig for added fun.

With her first release having sold out nearly instantly, Billie has undoubtedly learned from the past and is fully prepared to see another successful launch of her brand.

Billie Eilish teams up with Gucci

Aside from being one of the most well-known names in the industry and delving into the world of scents with her perfume line, Billie has looked to enjoy teaming up with a huge brand in the name of fashion.

Joining up with Gucci for their latest campaign, Billie celebrated with a retro-infused video promo as she supported Gucci eyewear.

The infamous Italian fashion label requested Billie’s help in ushering in the second-ever release of their shade collection, and the singer did not disappoint.

Going sheer in a loosely-knitted top, Billie could be seen leaning over the side of a hot pink convertible in the promotional clip.

Nails that looked to be more than an inch long hung off the ends of each fingertip, the polished surfaces bedazzled with chunky jewels.

80s-vibed shades adorned her eyes, and her hair was slicked back under a wide headband.

According to a press release put out by the brand, the campaign “nods to the film noir genre with a rich color palette, unbalanced compositions, and high-contrast lighting.”

The goal of the campaign is to allow “the protagonist to cross a transformational threshold in the imagery captured by Harley Weir under the art direction of Lina Kutsovskaya,” with “each pair of eyewear [revealing] a different intention, motivation, and facet of personality.”

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