Billie Eilish shares photo dump featuring a passionate dance

Billie Eilish is celebrating her 21st birthday with an uncharacteristic dance as part of a photo dump with a farewell to 2022. Pic credit: @billieeilish/Instagram

Billie Eilish said goodbye to 2022 and hello to her 21st birthday as part of an exciting few weeks, captured on camera.

The Ocean Eyes singer shared one of her signature photo dumps, which featured previously unseen moments from her 21st birthday celebration.

Billie posted the jam-packed IG carousel with her 107 million followers, who rewarded the singer with double taps and comments.

Billie’s photo dump was random and artistic, in alignment with her quirky personality.

Billie let the content do the talking, writing a simple caption that read, “life.”

The first part of the post showed Billie in head-to-toe black with a white and black striped beanie on her head.

Billie Eilish shares photo dump with passionate dance

Billie looked into a Victorian stereoscope inside an antique store decked with old-fashioned items. Stereoscopes were a popular form of entertainment before Hollywood movies came along, and it looked like Billie was captivated by the unique piece.

A swipe right showed a wet Billie with acrylic-adorned nails on either side of her face. The picture looked like an outtake from her second Billie Eilish Fragrance shoot, which she released in November.

The third image featured a mirror selfie with Billie decked out in Gucci, the brand she has represented for years.

Another picture showed Billie from the side as she looked at a gold balloon display that read, “Happy 21st Birthday.”

A swipe right saw Billie in a colorful garment, standing in a dressing room with an illuminated vanity in the background.

Billie smiled with upbeat music playing in the background as she shook her hips and danced expressively. Billie got low to the ground, smiling while chewing gum in a colorful ensemble made of upcycled material. Billie rocked a yellow spaghetti strap shirt with layers of tulle and patchwork.

She paired the top with an oversized skirt as she moved to the beat playfully.

Another picture showed Billie behind the wheel. She was sure to include a look at one of her dogs, dressed up in a Christmas-themed ensemble.

Billie had a well-deserved few weeks off following a jam-packed schedule of promotional duties and concerts.

Billie Eilish’s perfume, Eilish No. 2

One of Billie’s ventures is her second fragrance, Eilish No. 2, which the singer released in November.

Eilish No. 2 has depth with Italian bergamot, apple blossom, and black pepper for a dark and woodsy vibe.

Billie said about her fragrance, “I really liked the idea of a darker, rainy world for Eilish No. 2. We started with the original Eilish elements of warmth and sweetness, but then added spicy and woodsy elements for a more sultry, and wet feeling.”

Eilish No. 2 retails for $72 and is available exclusively on Billie’s website for the perfume.

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