Billie Eilish shares epic photo dump of gorgeous surroundings

Billie Eilish attends the Academy Awards.
Billie Eilish shared an amazing photo dump as she looked to enjoy time off. Pic credit: ©

Billie Eilish hopped onto her social media page to share an epic and stunning photo dump.

The 21-year-old singer, who snagged last year’s Oscar for Best Original Song for her James Bond song No Time To Die, gave fans a break from her usual posts involving her Eilish by Billie Eilish fragrance line to post some beautiful snaps of what looked to be a recent getaway.

Starting with a glowing sunset snap over the ocean, Billie cut to a fuzzy nighttime cityscape before moving on to a beautiful photo of herself sitting under a huge tree in a meadow.

While Billie did not specify her exact location, the singer seemed to enjoy time somewhere warm as her outfits were fit for summertime.

In the next shot, Billie showed a stunning scene from the car, showing a road spread out in front of the windshield as small hills lined the horizon and shrubs dotted the areas surrounding the road guard rails.

A bank of low-hanging clouds clung to the top of the hills in the distance, creating an even more eye-catching view.

Billie Eilish dons a fun bikini top in the tropics

After jumping from the road pic to a look at a giant puzzle in the process of being put together, Billie then shared a fun bikini pic as she relaxed on a grassy lawn.

Tropical greenery formed the background as Billie squinted from the glare and scrunched up her mouth for a quirky grin.

A house was just visible behind Billie, giving fans a hint that she may have been visiting a pal somewhere overseas.

Billie left her black locks down and wet, seemingly having just taken a dunk in an unseen pool while rocking a fun bikini top.

The top sported a variety of colorful items, and some lettering splashed across parts of the straps and bust, though it was difficult to make out what the objects were and what was being spelled out.

For her final shot, Billie shared a beautiful pic of an open, green meadow with short trees in the distance while the back of a horse head took up the lower part of the frame.

Though Billie’s latest photo dump showed the singer in a more relaxed frame of mind, fans of the star should know that Billie is not one to take too much time off as she continues dominating the music scene and working on her fragrance line on the side.

Billie Eilish promotes her Eilish by Billie Eilish perfume line

After launching her perfume line in 2021, Billie has seen much success from the side gig, and the star has made sure to leave time to devote to promoting her fragrances.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Billie recently took to her Instagram page to promote her line in time for Valentine’s Day.

The singer rocked a nude lingerie ensemble while serving looks as the camera captured her in a short video clip.

Billie recently released Eilish No. 2, and the songstress has been using her IG platform to spread the word about her latest installment in her fragrance line.

As seen on the Billie Eilish Fragrance website, Eilish No. 2 retails for $72 for a 3.4 oz size and comes in one of her signature torso-and-half-head-shaped bottles.

“An alluring aroma which opens with the freshness of Italian bergamot and apple blossom,” reads the product description.

“It flows into a woody, earthy spiciness of papyrus and black pepper with a contrast of wild wet poppy flowers. A base of woody palo santo and ebony are expertly wrapped in a metallic, nuanced veil of skin musk.

Billie’s No. 1 fragrance retails for the same price at 3.4 oz and is described as having a more floral scent with hints of vanilla, spices, and chocolate.

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