Billie Eilish shares behind-the-scenes look at new fragrance

Billie Eilish is celebrating the launch of her new fragrance with a rainy photoshoot. Pic credit: @billieeilish/Instagram

Billie Eilish is coming into her own and showing a little skin while embracing her curves.

Billie has been promoting the release of her new fragrance, Eilish No. 2, and if her fans’ response is anything like her previous launches, then the perfume might be hard to find in stores. Last month, she dropped a collaboration with Nike, which promptly sold out and never restocked.

The songstress took to her social media to share some behind-the-scenes looks at her latest fragrance campaign, which she filmed under the elements.

Billie posted seven pictures and videos for the viewing enjoyment of her 107 million followers on the platform.

The IG carousel began with Billie, soaking wet as a spotlight shone upon her. She wore head-to-toe black garments, which were drenched in water.

As the rain poured down on a dark soundstage, Billie’s music blasted in the background, and she struck a few poses.

Billie Eilish strikes a pose for Eilish No. 2 fragrance

But the soundstage was slippery when wet, and when the director shouted “Cut,” Billie turned around and promptly fell in a puddle. Luckily for Billie and her fans, someone captured the moment on film, and the Ocean Eyes singer couldn’t wait to share it with fans.

The second picture showed Billie smiling while looking in the air with dripping hair and water flooding the scene behind her.

A swipe right featured Billie’s leg in a skintight dress with a thigh-high slit.

Another shot featured a very blue Billie as she worked her angles in a low-cut top.

The closing picture was certainly a mood as Billie sprawled out on the pavement outdoors, apparently exhausted from the shoot.

Billie’s caption read, “some little bts from the summer shooting eilish 2222222222 😋 watch me eat s**t in the first 1 got all types of scraped up.”

Billie said in a statement about her second fragrance, “We started with the original ‘Eilish’ elements of warmth and sweetness, but then added spicy and woodsy elements for a more sultry, and wet feeling.”

Billie’s own fragrance hasn’t been the only brand to secure the young talent’s face. She has also become the face of Gucci eyewear, delivering a few campaigns for the designer.

Billie Eilish in a big red coat
Billie Eilish has been embracing the fragrance business. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Eilish No. 2 became available for sale in the US over the weekend, and the No Time To Die singer celebrated by posting a finished promotional image. Wearing the same outfit as in the video above, Billie took up a sultry pose, lying on the floor with the rain pouring down.

An excited Billy captioned the post, “👀👀guess WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!!?!!?! Eilish No. 2 will be available tomorrow at 9am PT in the US!!!!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 on !!!!!!!!!! i couldn’t be happier with every piece of this. i’m beyond excited for you to have it.”

Billie Eilish serves as face of Gucci eyewear

Billie and Gucci have long created beautiful content together and their latest partnership served up another win as the singer rocked monogrammed pajamas for a fabulous shoot.

An Instagram account for Gucci shared the content, which Billie reposted on her Instagram Stories for her 106 million followers on the platform.

As Gucci revealed in the caption, the shoot was for Gucci eyewear, which Billie has represented before, including an old Hollywood photoshoot back in September.

Billie wasn’t the only famous face to appear in the carousel of photos, with Janelle Monae and Alessandro Michele also serving looks.

At just 20 years old, Billie’s career and brand deals are just getting started.

Finneas O’Connell speaks out about Billie’s relationship with Jesse Rutherford

Billie is currently dating The Neighbourhood lead singer Jesse Rutherford, and the pair became official after they were spotted hanging out at a LA Halloween party in mid-October.

However, the affair has been mired in controversy because of the 11-year age gap and the fact that Jesse has known his new girlfriend since she was 15.

Finneas and Billie at a red carpet event
Finneas is supporting Billie in her relationship with Jesse Rutherford. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

But now, Billie’s brother Finneas has spoken up and says he fully supports his younger sister. In a recent interview, the songwriter said that as long as Billie is happy, he is happy.

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