Billie Eilish parties with Doja Cat and other celebs in Christmas outfit

Billie Eilish at the Spotify Best New Artist 2020 Party.
Billie Eilish at the Spotify Best New Artist 2020 Party. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Billie Eilish recently turned 21 and has been showcasing her festive spirit ever since.

In a new set of images shared by the Bad Guy singer on Instagram, fans see Eilish partying in public with artists such as Doja Cat.

In the pictures, the pop singer is dancing it up in a cute Christmas outfit.

The outfit itself is a Mrs. Clause-style one-piece minidress, with red velvet color and fluffy snow-like trimming.

The dress comes with matching elbow-length gloves (with the same white trimming) and a red cape-like accessory to cover her shoulders.

She playfully captions the Instagram share with, “nothing but love (enjoy the last two).” The last two images in the Instagram carousel speak for themselves.

Billie Eilish shows her Christmas spirit

The Ocean Eyes singer has her black hair down while sporting iconic bangs.

Her makeup is not as visible as it is in other pictures from her birthday outing. What is clear is she has on light pink lipstick with a subtle matching blush applied to her cheeks.

The singer’s mascara is bold with fluttering eyelashes.

And she completes the holiday package with candy cane hooped earrings.

Eilish is seen with a variety of friends in the photo carousel including Doja Cat, hip hop artist Johnny Venus, makeup artist Sydn4sty (or Sydney), musician Dora Jar, model Anastasia Karanikolaou (Stassie), and more.

At the age of 21, the Grammy-winning singer has dipped her toes into various opportunities.

She even crafted her own fragrance at such a young age.

Billie Eilish debuts a brand-name perfume, Eilish

Over a year ago, the Bad Guy singer unveiled a perfume line by the name Eilish. Now, she has dropped the sequel fragrance dubbed Eilish 2, which is said to be more of a sultry fragrance.

Similar to other brands like Denise Richard’s skincare line CBMe Beauty, the fragrance is entirely vegan and animal cruelty-free.

On the website, she explains darker rainy days inspired her to craft this scent. Adding she wanted the influence of the original Eilish aroma “with elements of that warmth and sweetness, but then with a spicy, woodsy twist for a more sultry and wet feeling.”

British photographer Glen Luchford did the photo shoot for the perfume which sees the Ocean Eyes star drenched in the rain, wearing all black in a nighttime setting.

Eilish 2 is currently available on the singer’s fragrance website for purchase.

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