Billie Eilish in pile of clothes says ‘swallow me whole’

billie eilish-selfie
Billie Eilish goes down under and into a pile of clothes for an unusual share featuring clothing chaos. Pic credit: @billieeilish/Instagram

Billie Eilish appeared calm amidst the chaos as she posed in a pile of clothing on the floor in Australia.

Billie shared a carousel of six photos on Instagram for her 106 million followers, many of whom rewarded her with likes and comments.

Billie quickly received 4.7 million likes and counting for the post.

She posed for a mirror selfie, revealing her signature baggy denim and a partially unbuttoned shirt with a vest on top.

The Ocean Eyes singer tagged Sydney, Australia in the shot.

Billie appeared down under for a series of concerts as part of her Happier Than Ever world tour.

Billie Eilish posed amongst chaos with clothing everywhere

Billie sported jet-black locks with bangs and sunglasses atop her head. She went into selfie mode with a slight smile as she took a photo from a high vantage point, allowing the mess underneath her to become more apparent.

A selfie revealed Billie with a green crop top vest and a white button-down shirt under it with the bottom buttons unfastened.

Another photo, taken by Billie, featured clothing on a rack in what appeared to be a thrift shop.

The final photo featured a FaceTime call with a friend as Billie smiled in the top left-hand corner with her friend in full view.

Her caption read, “swallow me whole.”

And although the songstress recently revealed that she couldn’t do as many “normal” public activities as before, shopping still appears to be in the equation.

Billie Eilish talks royal encounter, loss of privacy

Billie is currently in Australia, near the end of her Happier Than Ever tour.

This week, she promoted her tour on an Australian radio show, Fitzy & Wippa. On the show, she described meeting Prince William and Kate Middleton during promotion for James Bond: No Time To Die, the film whose theme song she performed. Billie told the hosts, via Yahoo, about her preparations to meet the British Royals. 

Billie explained, “I was ready to curtsy. I was ready to not shake a hand. I was ready to not ask questions and not speak unless I was spoken to. And I was so worried about it.” However, Billie revealed the Royals were friendly and down-to-earth, and she never did the curtsy she had practiced before the encounter.

Speaking of encounters, the 20-year-old revealed that she couldn’t live as she used to because of her celebrity status.

Billie confessed, “I used to go out and like walk around and do stuff. And I don’t do that as much. Because life is a little different.”

Billie wraps up her tour on September 30 in Perth, Australia.

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