Billie Eilish in micro spandex shorts for dance frolic

Billie Eilish at the Academy Awards.
Billie Eilish shared some fun new pics on her Instagram page as she enjoyed some time off the stage. Pic credit: ©

Billie Eilish looked to be enjoying some time away from the big stage as she continues her Happier Than Ever world tour.

Going to her Instagram page for a massive photo dump, the 20-year-old singer and Academy Award-winning songwriter, who snagged the coveted trophy for Best Original Song at this year’s award show, looked to be thoroughly enjoying herself as her months-long tour comes to a close.

Kicking off her post with a stunning close-up of her face from the stage, Billie gave fans a well-rounded glimpse of her life behind the scenes as she finished her stage domination in Australia.

Snapping a pic of a delicious-looking pizza, Billie then took time out for a little bathroom selfie, seen posing in front of a mirror while wearing a baggy shirt, her black hair free and down around her face.

Sharing some pics of local street art and shop decor, Billie could then be seen sharing a laugh with New Zealand DJ Zane Lowe.

One of her Instagram shares included a fun video clip of herself and two other unidentified women doing some dancing.

Billie Eilish dances in micro spandex shorts

In her most playful part of the multi-series post, Billie could be seen getting her frolic on as she pranced in some spandex micro shorts across a carpeted floor.

Pairing the short shorts with a signature bulky sweatshirt, Billie gave her best knee-raising moves as she and her companions worked in some downtime silliness.

Billie gave one of her megawatt grins at the end of the clip, adding more fuel to the fire of her fans’ devotion.

The singer has been ensuring to share snippets from her busy touring life with her followers, having recently snuggled with a kangaroo for adorable video captures.

Billie Eilish pets a kangaroo

Just last week, Billie traveled around Brisbane and Queensland, Australia, while off the stage, making sure to stop to visit the local wildlife on the way.

Wearing her usual oversized attire, a Hellraiser shirt on top and camo cargo pants on the bottom, Billie captured snapshots of herself before posting a video of her enviable snuggle session with a young kangaroo joey.

She also showed a kangaroo-filled field in her post from Down Under before hitting the stage again.

Billie’s tour will end tomorrow in Perth, Australia.

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