Billie Eilish in lacy lingerie with bloody tears

Billie Eilish gets super spooky for Halloween.
Billie Eilish gets a little extra spooky this time around for Halloween. Pic credit: @billieeilish/Instagram

All eyes were on Billie Eilish as she made sure to add a little extra shock value to her Halloween costume this year.

The 20-year-old singer went all out with her spooky appearance this time around as she posed for a quick selfie covered with blood all over her face.

Fans didn’t know what to expect from Billie this year as she’s the master of surprises and diversity, especially when it comes to her sense of fashion.

Billie is certainly known for her quirky and rather eccentric wardrobe, and this look was a perfect reflection of just that.

The singer totally encapsulated the creepy and rather spooky aesthetic as her costume was simple, yet she paid close attention to detail.

Billie posted this bloody good picture to her Instagram, where she treated her 106 million followers with jaw-dropping content.

Billie Eilish turns many heads with her bloody good Halloween look

Billie had first uploaded the photo to her Instagram Story, where she was captured looking down into the camera as she snapped a close-up of her face.

The singer’s face was covered in blood, as it dripped down from her eyes, then from her mouth, and finally was splattered all over her neck, chest, and shoulders.

For clothing, she appeared to be wearing a black, low-cut laced article of clothing that had blood splattered amongst it as well.

However, Billie certainly didn’t finish the outfit without any flashy accessories. She wore an assortment of overlaying silver necklaces which all came to different lengths along her neck. She then wore an array of silver, chunky rings all along her fingers.

For this particular selfie, Billie’s hair seemed to be pulled back away from her face as she only left a couple of stands of hair to fall on each side of her cheeks. She also rocked pretty black bangs, which were cut right above her eyebrows.

Billie Eilish looks bloody good for Halloween
Pic credit: @billieeilish/Instagram

Billie Eilish announces a hometown encore to finish her tour

In another recent post, Billie shook the internet as she announced that she’d added a couple more dates to finalize her Happier Than Ever tour.

She excitedly expressed that she would be playing a couple more encore shows for her L.A. fans, which happens to also be the singer’s hometown.

The picture she used to express her excitement was a bittersweet and rather timeless shot of her singing into the crowd during one of her recent performances.

The photo encapsulated the energy of the crowd perfectly as her fans were captured smiling and laughing while they reached out toward Billie.

It goes without saying that Billie certainly surprised her fans with this one as the post received a whopping 2.8 million likes and over 35k comments filled with joyous supporters.

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