Billie Eilish gets criticized for ‘creepy’ Halloween costume with boyfriend

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Pop songstress Billie Eilish in a cute selfie. Pic credit: @billieeilish/Instagram

Billie Eilish, 20, and her boyfriend, The Neighbourhood frontman Jesse Rutherford, 31, rubbed some fans the wrong way with their Halloween costume.

Many are calling it creepy and inappropriate due to the age gap in their relationship.

The pair were first linked in mid-October after a fan spotted them leaving the haunted maze at Halloween Horror Nights in Los Angeles.

They were later photographed packing on the PDA and sharing a kiss, seemingly confirming the relationship.

Billie dressed as a baby while Rutherford went as an old man. Some observers believe the Halloween costume choice is a response to critics of their relationship.

Eilish wore an exaggerated baby bonnet with white tights and had a blonde fringe with curls on the side.

She completed the look with an adult-sized diaper and pink bunny slippers, while Rutherford made for a convincing pensioner with a bald cap with hair on the side and a grey mustache.

He also wore a prosthetic that gave him wrinkles.

In a photo dump IG post, Eilish posed for a photo with Rutherford on the last slide in their Halloween costumes.

“life is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy🤡 happy halloween🎃🥰,” she wrote in the caption.

Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford under fire for ‘creepy’ Halloween costume

The pop star and her musician boyfriend are being heavily criticized on social media for dressing up as a baby and an old man. One observer said Billie is old enough to know better in reaction to the photo.

“Billie is grown enough to know how weird and creepy this is btw,” the person wrote.

Another tweeter shared a similar sentiment, writing, “YOU ARE TOO DAMN GROWN FOR THIS.”

Someone shared a reaction to the couple’s Halloween photo using a meme of Ariana Grande.

“billie eilish dressed as a baby and her old a** boyfriend dressing up as an elderly man is..”

A tweeter accused Rutherford of being a groomer because the pair have known each other since the pop star was about 15 years old.

“idk if jesse rutherford realizes this but dressing up in a costume that makes fun of his grooming accusations is exactly what a groomer would do,” the person alleged in a tweet.

Another social media user shared a Spongebob meme of a horrified face in reaction to their Halloween costumes.

Billie Eilish poses for a gym selfie

Eilish is sharing her newfound love for working up a sweat in the gym in the form of a selfie.

The 20-year-old singer chose an interesting ensemble for an exercise session, wearing long denim shorts.

In an interview with Apple Music last month, Billie spoke about how she stays healthy on the road after a string of injuries.

She told the host Zane Lowe that her gym sessions have helped her prevent injury and improve her general sense of well-being.

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