Bill Nye: Watch the Science Guy dance down runway at Blue Jacket Fashion Show during NY Fashion Week

The Science Guy Bill Nye
Bill Nye danced down the runway at the Blue Jacket Fashion Show during the New York Fashion Week. Pic credit:

A video clip uploaded to Twitter shows Bill Nye, aka the Science Guy, dancing as he walked down the runway at the fourth annual Blue Jacket Fashion Show on Wednesday, February 5. The annual event took place during the New York Fashion Week.

Nye is shown dancing awkwardly to Lizzo’s Juice as he struts down the runway at Pier59 Studios. He is dressed in a blue jacket with a floral design, a bow-tie, and brown pants.

The other models walking the runway eye the 64-year-old appreciatively.

It seems that the Science Guy was able to pull himself away from promoting SodaStream and trying to educate the world about climate change just long enough to show off his moves.

Twitter reacts

The clip is being widely shared on Twitter and many social media users have been posting comments offering their take on Bill Nye’s nerdy dance moves. Many expressed their appreciation of his effort while others could not help poking fun at his dance skills.

Many fans said they had a fright when they first saw Bill Nye trending on Twitter because they thought the news was that he had died.

A viral death hoax involving The Science Guy started spreading at the end of 2018 and it looks like some of his fans still haven’t gotten over it.

Why did Nye walk the runway at the Blue Jacket Fashion Show?

People have been inquiring why the Science Guy walked the runway at the Blue Jacket Fashion Show.

Some Twitter users explained that it was a charity event to raise awareness about men’s prostate cancer. The Blue Jacket Fashion Show supports the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

This year’s event coincided with Cancer Prevent Month. It focused on raising awareness about men’s health issues, including early detection and treatment of prostate cancer in men.

Nye explained in the video below, taken at the Blue Jacket Fashion Show in 2017, that the issue of prostate cancer was close to his heart because his dad had it.

According to Nye, it is possible to test for prostate cancer as part of an overall prevention strategy. He added that researchers were working on a solution to the disease and were close to solving the problem.

In 2017, Nye walked the runway at the show with CNN’s Don Lemon and NY Yankees’ CC Sabathia.

During this year’s Blue Jacket Fashion Show, hosted by fashion journalist André Leon Talley, many actors, models, athletes, and TV personalities, including Nye, walked the runway in blue jackets.

The participants included actors, such as Lee Tergesen and Mehmet Oz, and TV personalities, such as Jesse Palmer and Nigel Barker. Others included the musician David Byrne and the professional footballer Buster Skrine.

Bill Nye bio

Nye became known for hosting the PBS children’s show, Bill Nye the Science Guy. He also appeared on Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves the World.

He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Cornell University. He worked as a mechanical engineer for Boeing Corporation in Seattle where he contributed significant inventions to the Boeing 747.

He left Boeing in 1986 to pursue a career in comedy and writing. He is the author of bestselling science books. He has appeared on several TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars and The Big Bang Theory.

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