Bill Nye wasn’t arrested for drugs: Story sweeping internet is just a joke

Bill Nye. 2018 Creative Arts Emmys Awards
Reports that Bill Nye has been arrested are ciruclating. Pic credit: ©

If Bill Nye wanted to get int0 the drug business, his knowledge of science would probably allow him to make a product that rivals the quality of Walter White’s blue ice from Breaking Bad. But Nye isn’t making or selling drugs, despite reports to the contrary.

“News” that The Science Guy has been manufacturing illegal drugs was first reported by the satire site Huzlers. They published the story complete with an older photo of Bill Nye that looks like he was blowing out smoke. They claim that Nye was arrested after he was caught with “marijuana, acid, and crystal meth.”

Possibly the most entertaining part of the piece, and the part that should have given it all away as a joke was this line: “Authorities say he was operating under the street name ‘Slim Killa’.”

Even more shocking than his nickname was the claim that Bill Nye was found in possession of “6 Million dollars cash, 13 illegal firearms, 121 pounds of marijuana, 2 gallons of LSD, and 63 pounds of crystallized methamphetamine, commonly known as simply crystal meth, as well as boxes of condoms, women under garments, and a stripper pole in the very lab.”

That alone should have been enough to clue in those reading that this is a satirical post and that Bill Nye was not actually arrested for manufacturing or selling drugs. The claim that Nye was responsible for 19 percent of the drugs sold in the Los Angeles area should have been another clue.

While this story claiming that Bill Nye was arrested and is some kind of Los Angeles drug kingpin is entertaining at best, it turns out that some actually believed it and began to spread the false news of Nye’s arrest.

The shocker was even shared on Reddit by a user that goes by u/KoalaVengeance, only to have several other Reddit users blast them for believing the Bill Nye arrest story.

Another commenter admitted that others also have believed the story, writing, “Somebody in my math class thought this was real and started telling everyone until I told them this is where it came from. Thank you OP.”

So if you see #FreeBillNye trending on Twitter, just know that The Science Guy doesn’t need any freeing as he was never arrested at all.

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