Bikini-clad Kate Bosworth says ‘This is 39’ while riding a horse on the beach

Kate Bosworth recent photo
Kate Bosworth is rumored to be in a relationship with Justin Long following her divorce. Pic credit: ©

Kate Bosworth put her hot sculpted body on display in a teal bikini.

The actress recently celebrated her 39th birthday and appeared to be on vacation on a picturesque beach.

She showed off her horse-riding skills, riding a stallion while wearing the bikini.

The actress made a name for herself when she starred in the 2002 movie Blue Crush in which she played a surfer.

Bosworth doesn’t look much different 20 years later from when she appeared in the blockbuster hit movie.

Kate Bosworth stuns in a teal bikini while riding a horse

In the caption of an Instagram post featuring a series of photos of the actress in a teal bikini, she wrote: “This is 39 :) ??‍♀️?✨.”

The actress was recently in Iceland, where she reflected on turning 39, describing it as the most transformative year in the caption of an Instagram post.

“39 swings around the sun! ? The most transformative year yet. My goodness, the world is beautiful. To experience it, for this brief moment, is a real miracle. Here is what I’ve learned is important :) Feel all the feelings. This is the human experience. Stay vulnerable. You will find an intimacy of self and a well of courage here,“ the actress said along with a series of photos, continuing:

“Be present. If you are living in the future or the past, you are missing out on the now. Find the ones who bring safety and peace and warmth to your spirit. Cherish them. Remain curious. Grow! This can be challenging, but to remain stagnant is a disservice to your life. Choose Love over fear. Every. Time. Thank you for the birthday well wishes, I feel them ALL. I’m truly grateful. And I’m so happy to be here.✨✨✨✨✨”

Kate Bosworth’s workout routine

Kate Bosworth reveals her dedication to health and fitness in several Instagram posts.

She recently told Women’s Health she opts for low-impact workouts and does a lot of meditation.

The publication notes that the 39-year-old performed intense workouts such as running and weightlifting. However, Bosworth revealed she changed her mind when it comes to her fitness:

“The way my mindset has changed over the last couple of years is from high-intensity workouts being most important to a mindset that’s more focused on a fitness from a longevity and vitality viewpoint,” she said to Women’s Health.

The actress showed one of her low-impact workouts during the lockdown in an Instagram video.

In a follow-up post, she went into detail about the resistance, low-impact exercise routine she favors these days.

The actress announced her separation from director Michael Polish in August 2021. She is rumored to be dating actor Justin Long in 2022, but their relationship is yet to be confirmed.

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