Beyonce goes Western glam to announce Renaissance world tour

Beyonce poses at the premiere of The Lion King.
Beyonce broke her social media silence to announce her upcoming world tour. Pic credit: ©

After a three-month hiatus, Beyonce hopped back on her social media to make a huge announcement, doing so in the most jaw-dropping way possible.

The 41-year-old superstar looked sensational in her one-snap post, wearing a stunning crystal ensemble to announce her upcoming Renaissance world tour.

Going with a barely-there outfit made only of crystals, Beyonce’s vibe was a welcome boost to get things going in the middle of the week.

The sparkling attire looked to be adhered to Beyonce’s body to ensure it would not fall off during her photo shoot, with stylish designs of swirls, loops, and angles making up the piece.

The choice of placement of each segment of crystalline lines made sure that the star remained as classy as always while giving a risque pop to the pic.

An illusion of a shirt went partially around her neck, with the gemstones culminating in sharp points around her collarbone.

Heavy earrings hung low from her lobes with thick, clear stones making up the design to go with the rest of her outfit.

Beyonce sparkles in crystals

Two wider swatches of crystals clung close together to form the cover for her chest, while two thinner strands ran along the top for added style.

Rows of crystals angled down from the faux-bra area, forming flattering lines down Beyonce’s toned tummy, while similar patterns could be seen creating a semi-underwear arrangement around her hips.

Bey tipped her head down slightly so that her eyes were cast toward the floor, a sparkly, silver cowboy hat adorning her head.

To go with her Western glam aura, Bey paired her hat and crystal wear with silver-fringed boots that appeared to come up past her knees, though her legs were barely visible in the shot.

The singer sat on a silver saddle that rested on the back of a horse that looked to be made from either glass or a closely-packed formation of clear gems or mirrored sequins.

After announcing the arrival of her new album Renaissance last summer, Bey has left her fans hanging for more than six months as they waited with bated breath for news of a possible tour.

Not one to let her fans down, the singer has undoubtedly fulfilled most of her followers’ dreams with her recent share, and it’s clear Beyonce put a lot of thought and planning into her post.

With her first tour in five years now in the works for this year, Beyonce will assuredly be quite the busy bee as she prepares to dominate stages all over the world, but the singer doesn’t just rely on her musical career for income, having started up her own clothing line called IVY PARK.

Beyonce talks about IVY PARK collection

While Beyonce started up her IVY PARK clothing line in 2016, the singer really amped up her social media promotion of the brand within the past couple of years.

She showed off a variety of stunning ensembles from her line in 2020 and last year, promoting a Valentine’s-themed outfit in February.

The star opened up to Harper’s Bazaar about the inspiration for her brand, sharing that much of it stemmed from the nostalgia of her youth.

“This collection is a mixture of my childhood growing up in Texas and a bit of American history. I grew up going to the Houston rodeo every year,” she explained, adding that she took particular interest in giving life to “the overlooked history of the American Black cowboy.”

Working in a variety of cowboy-infused garments such as denim and chaps and using cowhide for some of the material, Beyonce also shared that her IVY PARK x adidas collaboration would feature items for children.

“My kids are usually on set with me for shoots, and we’d find ourselves putting them in extra-extra-smalls so we could match. So, it is a natural progression for IVY PARK to introduce a selection of key silhouettes in children’s sizing,” she said.

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