Betty White did not die after getting a COVID booster shot, according to agent

Betty White. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Acepixs

Beloved actress Betty White died on New Year’s Eve, just a few short weeks before she would turn 100.

After her death, fans and friends mourned her death and remembered her life.

However, there was another group of fans who used her death to further an agenda.

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Rumors began to swirl that Betty White got a COVID-19 booster shot on December 28 and it was the booster that caused her death.

White’s agent, Jeff Witjas, has spoken out and shot that down as fake news.

Betty White did not die after getting a COVID booster

According to Witjas, Betty White died peacefully in her sleep due to natural causes.

“My understanding is it was natural causes. She died in her sleep, in her own bed. It’s as simple as that,” Witjas said in a phone conversation with ABC News.

Witjas went on to say that these rumors were all brought up by people with a political agenda, and he emphasized that is not something Betty White would have wanted.

“Betty didn’t have illnesses. She didn’t have anything. People are putting it out there that she had the booster on Dec. 28 and that she had effects. She never had a booster,” he said.

“They’re politicizing her death and they shouldn’t do that because she wasn’t that type of person in life.”

According to Witjas, he actually went to visit Betty White a month before she died. He said they were laughing and her sense of humor was still there.

Betty White booster quote was fake news too

Witjas shot down the rumors that Betty White said, “Eat healthy and get all your vaccines. I just got boosted today.”

He told ABC that White never said that to anyone.

This also makes sense because Betty White had never said people should “eat healthy.”

Betty White has always said that eating hot dogs was the secret to her living a long life. This even led to the famous Los Angeles hot dog stand Pink’s selling a special hot dog in honor of White this week.

Betty White also ate her hot dogs with vodka, so her real fans were dubious of this quote from the start.

Sandra Bullock even referenced hot dogs when she said goodbye to Betty White after her death.

“I don’t drink vodka … but I will tonight, on ice, with a slice of lemon with a hot dog on the other side and just be okay being sad.”

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