Betty White death hoax: Actress isn’t really dead as fake Twitter posts claim

betty white death hoax sweeps internet with viral posts
Betty White arriving at the SNL 40th Anniversary Special in New York. Pic credit: Rivera/ACE Pictures

A Betty White death hoax had plenty of people upset online, as fake social media posts spread around several days ago.

However, the 97-year-old actress is alive and well, despite what the fake reports want everyone to believe. The beloved star of sitcoms Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland as well as that Snickers commercial is still doing great.

What was the Betty White death hoax?

According to The Sun, a fake news report led people online to believe that Betty White had died. Those fake news reports arrived from a website called which used a headline, “Actress Betty White, 93, Dyes Peacefully in Her Los Angeles Home.”

The headline only should have sent up red flags just based on the incorrect spelling of “Dies” and the wrong age appearing for White. Senior Journalist Antoinette Lattouf of Channel 10 Australia, called out the misleading and poorly constructed headline in a tweet. It includes a screenshot of the fake site’s headline as well.

However, many individuals shared the fake post on Twitter, believing the headline that White had passed away. Others questioned it and quickly realized it was a prank that a fake news site had unleashed.

One Twitter user commented, “I got on Twitter to verify if Betty White truly left us. It is with great pleasure that I report she has not! Don’t try me like that again. *resumes watching Golden Girls*.”

Betty White’s rep also cleared things up, confirming that the popular sitcom star is “alive and very well” in reply to the reports. That brought excitement from many people on Twitter. Some posted tributes to White in celebration.

As The Blast reported, White seems to suffer death hoaxes at least once a year, so this may have been the one for 2019. Most likely, the fake website did so in an attempt to gain attention, but they now have it for the wrong reasons.

White is yet another celebrity in recent days to be the focus of such a prank. There was a Celine Dion death hoax that also spread around the internet with a fake video this past week.

Betty White continues a great Hollywood journey

White rose to fame on the popular sitcom The Golden Girls back in the 1980s as she played the lovable character Rose Nylund. Nylund was known for her quirky personality and a way with words that brought the laughs.

Betty White has continued to enjoy her star power in Hollywood, as she’s had cameos in commercials, TV shows, and movies. White also was part of another sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, where she played another fun and lovable character, Elka Ostrovsky.

Most recently, she provided the voice for Toy Story 4’s appropriately named character, Bitey White. However, White has also found her way into episodes of Bones, Young & Hungry, and Fireside Chat with Esther in recent years.

Just last year, the 70th Emmy Awards paid tribute to the longtime star for her continued work in the industry.

We’re hoping to see much more of Betty White as she continues living and enjoying her life as only she truly can!

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