Betty White cause of death was a stroke 6 days before she died

Betty White's cause of death was officially from a stroke she had before the holidays. Pic credit:©
Betty White’s official cause of death was from a stroke she had before the holidays. Pic credit:©

It has been officially confirmed that Betty White’s cause of death was from a stroke.

Betty White had the stroke just a few days before she died.

The beloved First Lady of Television died on December 31, 2021, at the age of 99.

She would have turned 100 years old on January 17.

Betty was looking forward to celebrating her 100th birthday.

Betty’s excitement was evident in her last Instagram post:

Her death wasn’t from natural causes after all

According to California-based private physician Dr. William A. Pullen, who issued Betty’s death certificate, Betty White died as a result of a “cerebrovascular accident.”

It was listed as the immediate cause of her death.

According to the National Cancer Institute, a cerebrovascular accident (also known as a CVA) refers to the following: “In medicine, a loss of blood flow to part of the brain, which damages brain tissue. Cerebrovascular accidents are caused by blood clots and broken blood vessels in the brain. Symptoms include dizziness, numbness, weakness on one side of the body, and problems with talking, writing, or understanding language.”

Per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, every forty seconds, someone has a stroke, and every four minutes, someone dies from a stroke.

The actress apparently had suffered a stroke six days before she died in her sleep in her home.

Previous reports had mentioned that Betty’s cause of death was from possible side effects of the COVID-19 booster shot. That, however, was quickly refuted by her agent and friend Jeff Witjas, who originally reported that White had died of natural causes. Many agreed, given Betty’s age and good, long life, but as it turns out, it wasn’t entirely from natural causes after all.

The show will go on

Betty would have turned 100 years old in just a matter of days. While she’s not here to celebrate the big milestone like we hoped and expected she would be, she will be honored and celebrated fittingly.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Betty White: A Celebration will premiere in theaters around the country on January 17 for one day only (Betty’s actual birthday). The documentary will include a look back on her accomplished career, showcase her iconic television roles throughout the decades, and spotlight her love and passion for animals, as well as air her final interview.

The documentary will also include commentary from many of Betty’s friends and colleagues, including Morgan Freeman, Carol Burnett, and Tina Fey.

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