Benjamin Bunn: Who is Christmas Abbott’s baby daddy?

Benjamin Bunn working out in his Cigar City Crossfit gym
Benjamin Bunn owns Cigar City Crossfit in Tampa. Pic credit: @

Last month, Big Brother alum Christmas Abbott welcomed her first child with CrossFit star Benjamin Bunn. Christmas and Benjamin are no longer together. In fact, Christmas is currently dealing with some major legal issues after a confrontation with Bunn’s new girlfriend got really ugly, really fast.

On August 18, an 8-months pregnant Christmas drove over to the CrossFit gym that Bunn owned to confront Samantha Morse, who had been dating the father of her child. After Morse asked Abbott to leave, the Big Brother 19 finalist angrily threw Morse’s iced coffee before calling her a “pathetic home-wrecking little slut.”

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Then, Christmas got into her SUV and then rammed it into Morse’s Honda. Eyewitnesses told police that Christmas then backed up and rammed the woman’s car over and over.

When police showed up, Christmas Abbott admitted what she did and said she was just angry and hurt about being cheated on. She complied with officers who then took her to jail but did not book her due to how far along in her pregnancy she was but that didn’t absolve her of legal problems for the incident.

On Tuesday, Christmas turned herself in and was later released on her own recognizance. She was charged with criminal mischief greater than $1,000, which is a third-degree felony.

So who is Benjamin Bunn?

While many know exactly who Christmas is, there have been questions about the father of her child, who happens to be well known in the Crossfit community. It’s already been mentioned that he owns Cigar City CrossFit in Tampa.

Benjamin Bunn is a huge fan of fitness and trains regularly in his own gym. He also competes as a CrossFit master and is working to become a Yoga instructor.

Bunn is a retired Special Forces Green Beret and Army Infantry Officer who served in the U.S. military for more than 17 years. On Instagram, he lists himself as a former paratrooper.

Even though Bunn has since retired from the service, he still gives back in many other ways and spends much of his time contributing to causes he deems worthy like Exalted Warrior and Companions for Heroes.

Together, Benjamin Bunn and Christmas Abbott have a son, Loyal Atticus who was born on October 8. Though Bunn and Abbott are not together and clearly things are tense, he has talked about the boy, claiming that Loyal is “big and strong.” He even told Us Weekly that Loyal looks just like Christmas.

Benjamin Bunn and Christmas Abbott’s dating timeline

When it comes to Benjamin Bunn and Christmas Abbott’s actual relationship, it looks like it was rather short. However, based on when she gave birth, their accounts may be a little off.

Christmas claims that she and Benjamin started dating in October 2017 after knowing each other for a year. She told the News & Observer during a May 2018 interview that she and Bunn planned on parenting their son together and it sounded like things were going well.

However, Bunn told Us Weekly that he and Abbott had not been in a romantic relationship since December. If that’s true, that would have to have been when she got pregnant since she gave birth in October of the following year.

Christmas Abbott, who owns her own CrossFit gym in Raleigh, moved to Tampa to be with Bunn. It’s not clear when she moved but she has said that she commutes back to Raleigh about once a month for business.

Despite owning a gym in Raleigh and living in Tampa, Christmas gave birth in South Carolina and Benjamin Bunn was not present.

“Although I knew the due date, I’ve been out of contact with Christmas since late August and wasn’t sure what her birthing plan was,” Bunn told Us Weekly. “I was finally able to reach her a few days before the due date. I found out she was being induced through Instagram, and shortly thereafter received an email.”

While Bunn missed the birth of his son, he did head to South Carolina and was able to meet him in the hospital. He revealed that he was surprised Christmas only gave the child her last name and that while they did discuss baby names, he was not involved in choosing the one that Christmas gave him.

After all the drama that Benjamin Bunn and Christmas Abbott have dealt with near the end of her pregnancy, they are working now to be the best parents to Loyal Atticus.

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