Bella Thorne struts her stuff in tiny bikini top and Daisy Dukes

Bella Thorne close up
Bella Thorne is “actin’ real nice” as she struts down the street. Pic credit: ©

Bella Thorne isn’t shy about showing off her amazing physique and that’s what she’s doing in her latest video share on social media.

The 25-year-old former Disney star can’t help but turn heads as she sashayed down the street wearing very little — with a caption that claims she’s “actin’ real nice.”

In the short clip, Bella wore a black bikini top with a halter strap that circled around her neck, which was adorned with a thin gold chain. The swimwear was minimal, at best, and mimicked a bandeau top, with a bit of a plunge in the center that accentuated the star’s slender frame.

Skipping the bikini bottoms, Bella instead wore a pair of very short Daisy Dukes with fringe at the bottom. She accessorized with gold-rimmed sunglasses that featured a strip of baby blue across the top, as well as a jeweled gold belt.

Bella’s footwear was interesting. For her confident street strut, she wore a pair of knee-high boots that perfectly accentuated the offbeat outfit.

The song playing in the background of the video was Timbaland’s Give It To Me, which adds the perfect touch to Bella’s bouncy strut and clearly inspired her caption.

Bella Thorne shows off new man with a blurry special kiss

Bella has been dating a man named Mark since at least August when she first made the big reveal. Recently, she offered fans a bit more insight into her relationship when she posted a series of photos with one of them featuring a “special kiss.”

In it, a blurry Bella and Mark leaned in for a smooch, proving that their love is still very much alive. In a video shared to the same post, Bella posed in a slinky, khaki-colored dress that laced all the way up the side, proving she had nothing on underneath it.

Yet another photo from the set showed off Bella’s blinged-out crocodile-patterned gold lighter, which matched her perfectly manicured nails.

Bella Thorne debuted Thorne Dynasty in 2022

Earlier this year, Bella launched her own jewelry collection, aptly dubbed Thorne Dynasty. The name of her brand, which uses her own last name, is dedicated to her father.

It’s a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in capsule collections of some pretty interesting jewelry. Bella’s brand has also put out some seriously special smoking accessories, including the blinged-out lighter she showed off in the photo set that included her “special kiss.”

The line features both men’s and women’s pieces that stand out and are sure to get the wearer noticed.

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