Bella Thorne strikes a pose for Thorne Dynasty

Bella Thorne promoted Thorne Dynasty wearing YSL pumps and a stunning swimsuit. Pic credit: @bellathorne/Instagram

Another day, another Thorne Dynasty promotion for Bella Thorne, who has shown her business acumen with another smashing success.

Bella capitalized on her 25.3 million Instagram followers with an eye-popping post to help promote her new brand and lead followers to make a purchase.

She posted a video on Instagram stylishly clad in a cutout swimsuit with one strap as she showcased items from her brand.

The actress paired the one-piece with black pants and she was decked out in Thorne Dynasty swag, including her famous Baby Croc necklace from her Queen’s Bounty line.

She also donned multiple rings and bracelets, with a flashy timepiece adding to the sparkle factor.

Bella lounged at the edge of the underground pool while laying on her side with murals decorating the walls around her.

The clip transitioned to Bella on her tummy, kicking up her legs in white YSL pumps with gold heels. As the video progressed, Bella showed off her modeling skills and natural beauty with a variety of poses.

Bella Thorne promotes Thorne Dynasty for Black Friday

Bella’s red locks featured a stylish updo with pieces of her bangs framing her face in the Instagram video.

She used her famous face and fabulous curves to help sway potential customers into purchasing a product from her line with the added incentive of Black Friday deals. So far the post has racked up 73,000 likes and counting.

While Bella only dropped Thorne Dynasty last month, she has blessed fans with three releases and promises more to come.

Black Friday has been a popular day for American consumerism for decades as crowds of eager shoppers seek to get the best deals, and Bella hopes to appeal to that audience with her latest Black Friday sale.

Bella Thorne drops jewelry line Thorne Dynasty

Bella released Thorne Dynasty on October 8, which was her 25th birthday. Since then, she has dropped three product lines, including Rose & Reign and Queen’s Bounty.

Rose & Reign featured two chapters, or releases, with elevated smoking experience accessories, including a holder for medicinal marijuana. One piece, a Farewell Rose Fumette Ring, served as a smoking accessory and a ring.

For the Queen’s Bounty drop, Bella unveiled the crocodile necklace that she wore all summer. 

Fans can purchase items from Thorne Dynasty at prices that range between $30 to $325.

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