Bella Thorne sizzles in braless green birthday dress

Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne celebrated her 25th birthday in style with a green dress and a sunset shoot. Pic credit: @bellathorne/Instagram

Bella Thorne turned 25 in style with a beautiful birthday dress and a celebration in honor of one-quarter century on this earth.

Bella posted her first photoshoot at her new age and looked gorgeous in green.

The Shake It Up actress might know a thing or two about creating a scenic shoot since she founded the social media management company, Content X.

Bella’s latest shots were great advertising for her company, which seeks to help influencers monetize social media content by making it captivating and desirable.

If the latest sunset pictures were any indication, Bella has quite a knack for the creative arts.

Her birthday post appeared on Instagram, where her 25.3 million fans and followers could view and like the content.

Bella Thorne drops birthday shoot in green dress

The first photo showed Bella as she looked into the distance with a bright light highlighting her famous face. She wore a green dress with a plunging neckline, thick material, and snakeskin embroidery in the subtle stitching.

Bella’s red tresses popped, and her hair appeared shiny and full of life. Behind Bella, there were layered clouds, illuminated by the setting sun, with pink, blue, and purple hues in the sky.

She parted her glossy lips slightly, with dark glittery eyeliner and rosy cheeks. Bella put one hand behind her head and another on her bodice as she struck a pose.

A swipe right revealed the extent of Bella’s thick mane as she rested her head on a rock and looked in a different direction than the camera lens.

Subsequent photos showed Bella in various poses by the water with a sailboat in the background and the sun eventually setting behind the clouds.

Her caption read, “Happy 25th to a little Cuban girl from Florida, guess what I wished for 🎂.”

Bella’s jewelry was a highlight of the pictures and the entrepreneur showed off her latest designs.

Bella Thorne releases Thorne Dynasty on her birthday

After less than one month of teasing her new line, Bella finally released Thorne Dynasty. Thorne Dynasty is Bella’s latest project, featuring jewelry that she designed.

The jewelry launch coincided with Bella’s 25th birthday, which occurred over the weekend.

Fans who purchase a piece of Thorne Dynasty jewelry will receive hand-crafted pieces. The line offers hand-crafted jewelry made in Los Angeles, with price points ranging from $30-380.

The items feature 14-karat gold-plated brass, natural crystals, and pearls.

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John Williams
John Williams
13 days ago

Amazing that a lady with so much talent attempts & succeeds to look sleezy.