Bella Thorne is gorgeous as she stuns before-and-after makeup

bella thorne
Bella Thorne shows the meaning of her name as she stuns with and without makeup. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Bella Thorne is fresh-faced and fabulous as the actress and mogul shows off her face before and after a glam session.

The Shake It Up actress showed her natural beauty was just as remarkable as her glammed-up face in a new share posted on her Instagram page.

Bella has been busy hyping up her latest business venture, Thorne Dynasty, which she plans to release on her 25th birthday, October 8.

Somehow, the actress still found time to attend Milan Fashion Week, where she looked fabulous at the Hugo Boss show.

Bella’s latest share saw the actress in a spooky mood with an Exorcist t-shirt.

She posted the short clip for her 25.3 million Instagram followers and received more than 300k likes for the share.

The video began with a bare-face and smiling Bella as she shook her strawberry blonde hair. She held up computer paper over her face, which read “Thorne Shoot” and was dated June 28, 2022.

Bella Thorne shows before-and-after makeup looks

Bella rocked bright green lengthy acrylic nails as she removed the computer paper to reveal a fully glammed look. She sported dark, glossy lips and glittery eyeshadow as she channeled an Old Hollywood look.

Bella’s strawberry blonde hair now featured soft curls and a side part. Bella gave her head another shake for good measure, showing off the bouncy nature of her curls.

Doja Cat’s hit song Vegas played in the background.

Her caption read, “BTS getting ready for the @thornedynasty shoot đź‘‘.”

Fans now know that Thorne Dynasty is Bella’s latest business venture.

Bella Thorne announces new business venture Thorne Dynasty

Bella Thorne hopes to continue her success in the business world with her latest venture, Thorne Dynasty. Bella’s previous launches include Forbidden Flowers, a cannabis company, and Content X, a social media management company.

While both businesses are continuing with success in full force, Bella is dropping another project near and dear to her heart.

Thorne Dynasty will feature jewelry hand-crafted in Los Angeles by the actress. The jewelry will feature a Bella edge, with pieces like a ring that doubles as a joint clip. The price points range from $30-380, offering affordability for many people.

Bella dropped a photo from the shoot she previously teased.

The caption read, “It was important for me to bring in an element of family, the brand monogram represents me and my three siblings.”

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