Bella Thorne in white lingerie teases Thorne Dynasty

Bella Thorne red carpet close up
Bella Thorne is teasing her Thorne Dynasty. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Bella Thorne is ready for the Thorne Throne with her latest business venture – in white lingerie.

The Shake It Up alum has been promoting her new business, which will be related to jewelry.

She shared a picture as she strolled barefoot in an apartment in white lingerie, giving her best Britney Spears Lucky look.

Another picture showed the decked-out actress in a red off-the-shoulder jacket. She wore an intricate gold necklace and a few rings on multiple fingers.

The photos appeared on her social media page for her new business.

Bella overlooked the Los Angeles skyline, the location of Bella Thorne’s Dynasty.

Her caption read, “It was important for me to bring in an element of family, the brand monogram represents me and my three siblings.” 

Bella Thorne’s passion projects and business ventures

While some influencers slap their name on any product and offer endorsements, Bella is different. The actress-turned-mogul has a few businesses, selling products she believes in and uses personally.

For example, Bella has been a longtime advocate of cannabis use for mental health issues, like anxiety. She revealed that cannabis, particularly Indica strains, helped with her anxiety and sleeping issues. Therefore, her entrance into the cannabis space wasn’t a surprise.

She handpicked strains, like Midnight Thorneberry and Topanga Sunrise, which she uses and swears by, with the help of Glass House Farms.

Bella revealed that her mom was apprehensive but now approves of the choice to smoke cannabis. Bella explained, “She has really seen how much weed helps my anxiety. My mom has seen me where the symptoms really start to come on, I get upset, and my breath gets really tight. She sees me smoking weed, sees what a capable human I am, and she gets it.”

Bella also has Content X, her social media management company. As a popular user on various platforms, Bella hopes to help others monetize their content as she did.

Bella Thorne’s Thorne Dynasty jewelry

As Monsters and Critics reported, Bella began teasing Thorne Dynasty earlier this month. She shared a few mysterious photos featuring her arched back, underwear, acrylics, and jewelry-adorned body.

Bella confirmed that Thorne Dynasty is a jewelry project, and she will release her latest endeavor on her 25th birthday, which is October 8.

Pieces from Bella’s new jewelry line will retail for $30-380, meaning there are items at price points for everyone. Bella’s jewelry will include 14-karat gold-plated brass, natural pearls, and crystals.

The pieces are handcrafted in Los Angeles, and fans can purchase the items at 

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