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Bella Thorne in diamond bikini has a secret

bella thorne bikini
Bella Thorne is rocking a diamond bikini and teasing a secret, which could be a new business venture. Pic credit: @bellathorne/Instagram

Bella Thorne has a secret, and she is drumming up excitement for the big reveal.

The Shake It Up alum took to one of her business Instagram pages to share a throwback picture with an important message.

Yesterday, Bella posted on her main page, wearing a G string and showing her back, revealing little else. The social media-savvy actress used multiple Instagram accounts to create a buzz for Thorne Dynasty, a project whose purpose on which she has not elaborated.

She posed the photo on her Forbidden Flowers Instagram, which is her cannabis brand, established in 2019.

The photo featured Bella in a flapper-style outfit with an opulent bikini made of diamonds. She paired the bikini with a fur robe, adding to the Old Hollywood glam vibe of the shot.

Bella smoked with a glamorous cigarette holder in a very chic display.

Bella Thorne in diamond-encrusted bikini keeps a secret

A puff of smoke surrounded the lower half of her face as she gazed at the camera, revealing pink eye shadow and lined eyes. Her ears were lined with pearl and diamond earrings from her lobe to her cartilage.

Bella sported multiple bracelets and necklaces, both featuring pearls and gold. The accessory actress wore rings on each finger as she turned up the volume with her jewelry, taking things to the next level.

The photo’s background was silver with a snakeskin imprint adding to the bold nature of the shot.

The caption read, “Shhhh 🤫Bella’s got a secret @thornedynasty.”

Bella Thorne’s cannabis company is Forbidden Flowers

Bella Thorne didn’t just slap her name on the first brand deal that came her way; she vetted Glass House carefully before she partnered with the Santa Barbara-based group.

She told Cannabis Now, “You see how much love and care and attention is actually put into this flower; Glass House isn’t just making and making product, which was my issue with other brands.”

She explained, “Every time I visited these other farms, I was just like ‘…Oh…’ about the way that the cannabis was being handled on the inside—how rushed the process was only to produce more product to make more money for me. I just always thought that was gross because I’m like, ‘Bro! I’m smoking this! It’s going in my lungs!’ So, yeah. No thanks.” 

The world is Bella’s oyster as she adds to her empire with multiple businesses.

The purpose of Thorne Dynasty is Bella’s secret, but she likely won’t keep her lips shut for long.