Bella Thorne in diamond bikini enjoys birthday cake

Bella Thorne shared an animated throwback in a bikini, showing she could have her cake and eat it too. Pic credit: @bellathorne/Instagram

Bella Thorne showed that she could have her cake and eat it too, in a delightful share from her birthday weekend.

The Shake It Up actress turned 25 on October 8 and celebrated in style with a food fight–using her birthday cake as the weapon.

Bella previously shared content from her birthday trip, which featured bikinis, beaches, and an ATV trip. She and a group of friends, including her older sister, Dani Thorne, headed to a tropical destination to celebrate Bella’s quarter-of-a-century anniversary.

The latest post contained previously unseen content, including Bella’s birthday cake, which was a true work of art.

The video began with Bella standing before her layered cake with a sparkling disco ball as the topper. The multi-tier dessert featured colorful lights in orange, pink, green, and blue, which matched Bella’s party.

Bella blew out the candle, positioned on top of the cake, before she grabbed two handfuls of the colorful treat.

Bella Thorne in bikini throws cake

Bella ran around her disco-themed party and threw cake on the face of her friends. Bella’s friends returned the favor as the birthday celebration quickly turned into a full-blown food fight.

Even as she threw her food, Bella looked gorgeous in a diamond-encrusted bikini top. She wore a light-weight purple robe over the bikini, which promptly got covered in cake.

Her red tresses had loose curls and green streaks, matching her sparkly eyeshadow.

Bella rocked accessories from her jewelry line, Thorne Dynasty, which she released on her birthday.

Bella Thorne releases Thorne Dynasty Queen’s Bounty

As Monsters and Critics reported, Bella dropped Thorne Dynasty, her handcrafted jewelry line. The line saw great success, with some pieces selling out quickly.

A few weeks after the launch of her brand, Thorne Dynasty, Bella dropped Queen’s Bounty, which served as volume two for the collection.
Queen’s Bounty featured elevated smoking devices, including a gold lighter with an emerald evil eye.

She also dropped the crocodile necklace, which first appeared on her Instagram feed around the time of her birthday.

Bella said in a press release, “The crocodile styles are a reminder to me of who I am and where I come from, and feel so special like I’m wearing my family’s history on my neck.”

Thorne Dynasty Queen’s Bounty is available now on Bella’s website.

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