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Bella Thorne in blue string bikini goes in mud bath

Bella Thorne is beautiful as she enjoys a mud bath in a blue bikini with a helping hand. Pic credit: @bellathorne/Instagram

Bella Thorne got down and dirty in a mud bath as she rocked a bikini and got help from a friend.

Bella reposted the video, which appeared on her friend’s Instagram.

The Shake It Up actress, who has teased Thorne Dynasty for a few days now, took a break from promoting to engage in a wellness activity.

She took to her Instagram Stories to post a short video for her 25.3 million Instagram followers as she stepped into a mud pit.

Bella wore a blue ribbed bikini with ties on each strap. She paired the bikini top with a matching set of bottoms that were high cut and also featured ribbing.

She stepped into the muddy water but looked scared to do so. As she apprehensively made her way into the water, her friend placed mud on her, which caused her to react to the apparent cold temperature. Bella was a champ, though, and ultimately joined her friends in the water.

bella thorne
Pic credit: @bellathorne/Instagram

Bella is a proponent of natural remedies, and her business choices reflect that conviction. She has multiple companies using products she believes in for mental health and sustainability purposes.

But what are the benefits of mud baths?

The benefits of mud baths

Bella stepped into a natural mud bath, and fans of the treatments swear by the benefits.

According to Web MD, mud baths are one of the few spa-like activities doctors recommend.

Mud baths are beneficial for skin ailments like psoriasis.

The reason that mud baths are beneficial is that they can have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the cause of most ailments and sicknesses because when a part of the body is inflamed, it reacts in an agitated state. Mud baths soothe the inflammatory reaction.

Could mud baths be in Bella’s Thorne Dynasty future?

Bella Thorne’s business ventures are passion projects.

Bella Thorne does not slap her name on any endorsement; she chooses products she uses and that have benefited her.

For example, Bella revealed that using Indica strains of cannabis helped with her anxiety and mental health, so she began Forbidden Flowers.

She also started Content X, a social media management company, after she experienced success on social media.

Now she has Thorne Dynasty, which appears to be a hand-crafted jewelry company. Bella is always highly-accessorized, with multiple bracelets, rings, and necklaces on at all times. The company seems like a natural extension of her passion and love for jewelry.