Bella Thorne in blue bikini causes a splash

bella thorne bikini
Bella Thorne made quite a splash in a blue bikini and shared a behind-the-scenes look at the process. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Bella Thorne rocked a blue bikini and showed the view from behind the lens in a recent share.

Bella previously shared the finished project last month, but the Shake It Up actress has also been showing the work that goes in on the other side of the camera.

The actress began a company called Content X Studios and demonstrated knowledge about producing and creating visual art.

Her work with Content X even landed her on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, where she received praise for her hands-on approach with her cannabis company, Forbidden Flowers.

As Bella has continued to familiarize herself with production and BTS work, her fans have enjoyed the benefits with shares like her latest.

The latest post revealed a high-definition look as Bella climbed out of the water, and the visuals were insane.

The background music to the short clip was today’s birthday girl and fellow Libra, Doja Cat, with the beginning of Like You.

Bella Thorne shows BTS Mykonos look

The video began with the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Blue skies with a few clouds made up the gorgeous backdrop to the shot.

Next, the video panned to a large digital camera, with Bella’s photo in the viewfinder as she climbed out of the pool wearing a blue bikini and sarong.

The viewfinder showed a large splash of water, which Bella previously showed on her Instagram. More specifically, she showed how the splash of water was created in an amusing share.

Bella’s red locks cascaded down her back in a wet look as she had just descended from the pool.

Bella let the video do the talking with three water splash emojis as the caption.

Bella Thorne’s blue bikini photoshoot

Eagle-eyed fans may remember Bella sharing other blue bikini content from her Mykonos photoshoot last month.

She also posted an amusing share as her assistant kicked water in the background while Bella struck poses and seemed unfazed.

In the background, a Kardashian soundbite played, saying, “It’s just like that effortless look, you know? But, it’s really a lot of effort.”

Of course, the soundbite was ironic because the effortless look seemingly took a lot of work from Bella’s assistant.

And for those who don’t remember, the end result was stunning. Bella truly did look effortless and in her element as she struck poses by the pool with the help of her employees.

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