Bella Thorne goes topless covered in pearls and diamonds

Bella Thorne’s Thorne Dynasty is just getting started. Pic credit: @thornedynasty/instagram

Bella Thorne rocked a topless look to promote Thorne Dynasty.

She has been celebrating her 25th birthday all week, partying with friends, family, and her rumored new beau, Mark Emms. Bella and Mark were first spotted in Mykonos a few months ago, and he made his first appearance on her social media during her birthday celebrations.

The hardworking actress and businesswoman also released her latest business venture, Thorne Dynasty, on her quarter-of-a-century commemoration date, doubling the significance of October 8, 2022.

Bella slipped away from celebrations to pose for a sultry photoshoot, and she didn’t disappoint.

She shared the latest promotion with her 25.3 million Instagram fans via her IG Story.

The marketing maven likely knew that her likeness would sell better than any model, so she chose a suggestive photo to sell her jewels.

Bella Thorne goes topless and beautiful

Bella posed with her lips slightly parted and glossy in a seductive shot.

The black-and-white picture showed Bella from the bodice to the lips, adding a touch of mystery to the photo.

She made full use of her skin, adorning her body with elegant pearls and classic gold rings with diamonds.

The post served as the perfect promotion for Bella, as her allure and exposure are both at high levels.

Pieces of Bella’s red locks cascaded down her shoulders in the scintillating share.

She touched her neck with gorgeous dark acrylics featuring jewels on every nail in a manicure rivaling that of Cardi B.

Bella sported a pearl rosary wrapped around her wrist with a few other bangles decorating her arms. She also wore the stunning alligator piece that she featured in a birthday dress post.

bella thorne topless
Pic credit: @bellathorne/Instagram

The alligator’s tail wrapped around her neck and touched the mouth of the creature, creating a beautiful visual.

As Bella celebrated her business, she appeared to make time for a new love.

Bella Thorne’s past and current loves

Bella enjoyed a single girl summer after calling off her engagement to boyfriend of three years, Benjamin Mascolo in June.

Although neither Benjamin, nor Bella spoke on the matter publicly, the Shake It Up actress asked for privacy during the difficult time.

Last month, PEOPLE reported that Bella and Mark Emms were dating, after the two were spotted in Mykonos sharing a kiss.

Mark’s resume appeared stacked with a producer role in the series Bad Vegan, and many famous contacts, including Dua Lipa, Stevie Wonder, and John Legend.

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