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Bella Thorne gets wet in a swimsuit and wants to know if you love it

A closeup of Bella Thorne's face
Bella Thorne is enjoying the end of summer. Pic credit: ©

Bella Thorne is wowing fans on social media again, this time with a video reel where she looks absolutely stunning in a one-piece black swimsuit while lounging on a deck with water lapping up and onto her.

The former Disney star has been making quite a splash recently, but her latest post will definitely get her 25.3 million Instagram followers going.

After all, Bella was seen in the video as she lay to one side on what looks to be a wooden walkway or pier while resting her weight on one hand to pose for the cameras.

In addition to the swimsuit, she wore a bandana on her head as well as a pair of ornate black sunglasses. Both wrists were covered in bracelets and she had rings on seemingly every finger.

She flipped her wet hair back off her body and then wiped more of the water from her forehead. There’s no way she could have done the shoot without getting a bit wet.

Bella captioned the reel, “is it true… do you love it?”

Bella Thorne dazzles her fans in a diamond bikini

Bella Thorne has been going out of her way lately to wow fans in one-piece swimsuits and bikinis so it’s really no surprise that we got another new bikini photo from the famous redhead.

The same day she posted her wet swimsuit reel, Bella shared a photo of herself wearing a dazzling diamond bikini top.

She captioned that incredible photo, “Shhhh [shushing face emoji] Bella’s got a secret,” also tagging Thorne Dynasty.

The background of the photo featured a silver metallic snakeskin print, and the ambiance was very artsy.

Bella Thorne is making big moves in her life

In addition to her newest business venture, Thorne Dynasty, which we still know very little about, Bella Thorne has also moved on to a new relationship.

Just in June, Bella and her now former-fiance Benjamin Mascolo called off their engagement after two years together. Then, in August, the Daily Mail reported that she was spotted in Greece with Bad Vegan producer Mark Emms.

It seems that romance may be sticking too because People has now reported that they are still spending time together. However, it might not be all that serious.

“It’s new, and they’re having fun,” a source told People about the budding relationship. “They’ve been dating for about a month.

The pair were spotted together earlier this week enjoying Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

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