Bella Thorne dares in olive green bikini for Thorne Dynasty

Bella Thorne is amping up for her birthday as she reminisces about a birthday queen moment. Pic credit: @bellathorne/Instagram
Bella Thorne’s curves are out of control in an olive green swimsuit as she poses in jewelry. Pic credit: @bellathorne/Instagram

Bella Thorne showed that 25 may be her best year yet in a sultry photoshoot that showed her insane curves, great style, and gorgeous new jewelry line.

The master of promotion publicized her brand in the best way possible– with bikini photos wearing her designs.

Bella has been on a birthday trip that has been bikinis, beaches, dancing, and dirt. She shared beach photos with her besties and her self-proclaimed twin, Dani Thorne.

The actress also enjoyed a tasty birthday cake and went for an exhilarating off-roading experience featuring a lot of mud.

Bella took a break from the fun to share an olive green nighttime photoshoot, and the results were divine.

The backdrop was the tourist destination Mykonos, although the dark skies made it difficult to distinguish landmarks.

However, Bella’s beauty was distinguishable, as was her personal style, including her signature accessorized look.

Bella Thorne stuns in nighttime bikini shoot

Bella’s green bikini has an iridescent finish with gold rings serving in the place of straps. She wore matching bottoms, also featuring gold circular shapes keeping the garment in place.

The Shake It Up actress wore an intricately-designed green shawl over the two-piece ensemble. The sheer shawl featured embroidery and a hood, which Bella placed over her red locks.

Bella rocked with a pearl rosary and multiple necklaces and rings. She wore heavy eye makeup and a glossy pout as she looked up at the camera.

The actress looked like a Greek goddess, thanks in part to her dramatic dark liner that exaggerated her eyes.

The nighttime shoot featured a dark sky and an illuminated pool directly to Bella’s rear.

Her caption read, “THORNE in Mykonos. @bellathorne wearing the Romeo Romeo Dagger Necklace layered with the Forbidden Truths Necklace 🥀.”

Bella had a birthday glow, but the actress may attribute her beauty to a commitment to self-love.

Bella Thorne talks about self-care

Bella recently told Vogue about her self-care rituals. She explained that she used to make excuses for not taking care of herself, often blaming the neglect on work.

She revealed, “I also have a list of all the self-care I need to do. I’m so tired of letting work give me an excuse not to take care of myself.”

However, that has recently changed with Bella’s commitment to self-care.

She continued, “The other self-care is eating better because I am a terrible eater. And taking care of my body by getting out in the sun more. I need to force myself into the sun for some hikes, and some dog walks.”

It appears that Bella has found balance after a summer full of vacations, hangouts, and lots of sun.

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