Bella Thorne celebrates friend’s success in costume throwback

Bella Thorne shared a throwback dressed as an elf
Bella Thorne shared a throwback dressed as an elf to celebrate her friend’s accomplishment. Pic credit: © Malafronte/

Bella Thorne showed her support for a longtime friend with an adorable throwback where she was dressed as an elf.

Bella has achieved incredible success with her acting career and as an entrepreneur, owning several businesses. 

But Bella still has time to support her closest friends, as she proved in a recent share posted on her Instagram Stories.

She posted a few polaroids from a fun night the two had to show support for her friend. Bella revealed that her friend, Alexa, had just passed the California State Bar.

Bella posted two pictures with her friend for her 25.3 million followers so that they could join in on the congratulations.

The photos showed Bella and her friend with their arms around one another. Bella’s friend wore a black sleeveless dress with knee-high boots. 

Meanwhile, Bella wore something a little bit more unusual. 

bellathorne elf
Pic credit: @bellathorne/Instagram

Bella dressed like an elf with prosthetic ears and a tiara over her red tresses. She wore a strapless pink corset top with a purple tutu on the bottom. Bella completed the look with satin silver opera gloves.

Bella Thorne added to her business empire with Thorne Dynasty

Forbes recognized Bella’s position as a young entrepreneur.

The publication cited her multiple thriving businesses and household name status as a reason for placing her on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Bella’s businesses have a unique quality in that the actress has only promoted and created products she used. 

For example, the cannabis enthusiast started a cannabis company because she was passionate about using the medicinal plant. She teamed up with Glass House Group to create a line of cannabis with Indica-heavy strains that she personally enjoyed.

Similarly, she started Content X, a social media management company, after successfully monetizing her own pages.

Bella’s latest venture, Thorne Dynasty, incorporated the jewelry and accessories she wore publicly into an accessible line of products that fans may now purchase.

Bella Thorne shares success tips

Bella revealed that her success involved the people with whom she surrounded herself. 

Bella said, “Surround yourself with people who want things as much as you do. Or else you won’t get anything done!” 

She continued, “There are so many projects I want to complete, achieve and accomplish, but if you’ve got slow Joe over here next to you, it’s never going to work.”

With her unique sense of style and passion for entrepreneurship, she will continue to be successful in all her endeavors.

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