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Bella Thorne arches back and grabs waist to reveal ‘dynasty’

bella thorne
Bella Thorne is grabbing her waist and revealing a new project with a mysterious share. Pic credit: @bellathorne/Instagram

Bella Thorne shared the image of her back and her last name as she teased a new business venture today.

The Disney alum, who made up half of the show Shake It Up alongside Zendaya, has shown a wide range of skills from acting to producing and directing.

Bella has a new project that involves a dynasty, and she shared it on her Instagram, where she has 25.3 million followers.

Although Bella’s latest share was mysterious, the social media connoisseur was likely drumming up excitement for a new project.

The photo featured Bella’s back, identifiable by the distinct tattoos on her spine.

She had beads of water on her skin, visible thanks to the contrast with the black background.

Bella Thorne teases new project, Thorne Dynasty

She grabbed her back with her signature accessorized look featuring multiple silver rings in different shapes and sizes on several digits. Bella also rocked a rosary wrapped around her wrist with a cross hanging from the religious relic.

Strands of Bella’s strawberry blonde hair fell down the small of her back and between her lengthy talons. Bella’s acrylic nails were long and dark and featured intricate embellishments on each.

She rocked a black g string with the letters “T-H-O-R-N-E” in sparkly crystals hanging from the straps.

The caption teased, “always up to something… @thornedynasty 👀.”

The tag revealed a new Instagram account for Bella’s latest venture.

Bella has yet to reveal what Thorne Dynasty entails, but the successful businesswoman has shown skill in the business world. She has multiple business ventures and landed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 for her enterprising nature.

Bella’s pride and joy might be her cannabis company, Forbidden Flowers.

She began the venture with an established Santa Barbara-area name, Glass House Group, and took a hands-on approach to developing the products. But it isn’t only the cannabis flower that Bella enjoys.

She also partnered with a hemp production line, which utilizes different plant parts.

Bella demonstrated a knowledge of the plant she has loved for years when she described her partnership with DRIHP Hemp Clothing.

She shared, “Hemp [production] does not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs. As an organic product, where hemp is grown, there’s no pollution of [groundwater], soil or air.”

The animal-loving actress continued, “Our planet’s health is so important as is its natural resources,” she told me. “I’m proud to align with a company that makes eco-friendly textiles.”

With a cannabis line and a hemp clothing label, fans can only guess what is next for the actress.