Bella Thorne and sister, Dani, make exciting podcast announcement

bella thorne
Bella Thorne announced another business venture. Pic credit: ©

Bella Thorne wished her older sister a happy birthday and shared an exciting announcement with a video shared on social media.

The video, posted on Bella’s Instagram, showed her and her sister striking poses and having fun while dressed in pink.

Bella had pin-up girl vibes with a modern twist, thanks to a pink leather dress with a scoop neck. She paired the mini dress with thigh-high tights and heels, completing the vintage vibe.

As for Dani, her look was a bit wilder. She wore a pink leopard two-piece with a top featuring criss-cross straps. She paired the top with a matching miniskirt made from the same material.

But Dani and Bella’s looks weren’t the only noteworthy things about the post. As Bella revealed in the caption, it was also Dani’s birthday.

And there was one more big piece of news. Bella and Dani would star in a weekly radio show every Wednesday.

Bella’s caption read, “Me and @dani_thorne started a RADIO SHOW!! But it’s LIVE on amp!! So cool if u wanna talk some s**t with us tune in wedz at six!! ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN!!!”

Bella’s sister certainly has experience in the music industry, thanks to her DJ career.

Dani Thorne talks DJ career

Dani spoke with Galore about her personal style, music career, and famous sister.

She revealed, “Getting to plan a set and play it live is like no other. But playing for the crowd is the best feeling. Getting to connect and dance and single certain people out to dance with is exhilarating.”

The middle Thorne sibling revealed that although she and Bella have an age gap, they have always felt like twins.

She shared, “We call ourselves the twins. We are four and a half years apart, so, at certain times, it felt like a bigger age gap, but all my siblings were close. We were homeschooled, so we were our friends [laughs].”

Dani’s latest venture with Bella will be an addition to the Thorne Dynasty, making things a family affair.

Bella Thorne’s Thorne Dynasty

Bella has a lot of businesses, including Forbidden Flowers and Content X. The former is a cannabis company, and the latter is a social media management company.

Thorne Dynasty was Bella’s latest venture, launched on her birthday in October.

She has had a few drops since October, with Rose & Reign and the most recent, Queen’s Bounty.

A favorite item has been the Croc Kingdom Collar necklace, available in silver and gold.

Bella also has some elevated smoking products with tools to improve the smoking experience.

Products from the Thorne Dynasty collection are available for purchase on the website and range from $30 to $325.

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