Bella Poarch wows in corset dress and leather boots

Bella Poarch poses for the camera
Bella Poarch looks stunning with a glossy lip and a hot pink outfit. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Bella Poarch is one of the most recognized TikTokers and social media sensations at the moment.

She is the third most-followed person on the video streaming platform, right below Charli D’Amelio.

Poarch is in the city of love right now, attending numerous fashion shows and showing off her incredible style at Paris Fashion Week.

Most recently, she put on a loose oversized white shirt that gave the illusion of being a button-up when in fact, it had no buttons and a straight collar. It also had some black accessories dangling from the back.

The shirt fit her like a tiny dress, and she layered it with a beautiful and delicate sheer black lace corset dress.

The social media personality then put on an impressive and fashionable leather coat that fell to the floor.

Bella Poarch rocks vampire-inspired black leather boots

She matched that coat to a sexy pair of thigh-length shiny boots with vampire-inspired heels. Model Elsa Hosk actually modeled this exact same pair for the GCDS campaign.

Poarch posted a couple of pictures of her wearing this look and carrying a black shoulder bag in her hand on her Instagram, which now has almost 14 million followers. She captioned this post with a funny reference to her boots, “Bite me @gcdswear.”

Bella Poarch talks about her single Living Hell

The 25-year-old TikToker is also a singer, and she released her first EP, Dolls, not long ago.

In early 2021, Poarch released her debut single, Build a B*tch, and its music video, has surpassed an incredible 422 million views on YouTube. Her music style is filled with metaphors and darker lyrics, not far off from Melanie Martinez’s style. The music video also features other notable internet personalities like Bretman Rock and Valkyrae.

Poarch spoke to Billboard about one of her other songs from her EP titled Living Hell. She talked about what this song is about and the meaning behind the lyrics, revealing, “[The song] is about the toxic relationship I have with my mental health. I am diagnosed with PTSD and that’s something I’ve been struggling for most of my life.”

She also touched on the meaning behind the music video, stating that it represented her childhood bedroom, as well as its decoration, explaining how it related to her being covered in yellow paint on the video. The bright color always kept Bella’s spirits high no matter what she was going through.

She added, “In the music video, you can see me covered in paint and that was me basically covering myself with this fake reality that I was happy, even if I was sad on the inside.”

Poarch’s music is available for streaming on most popular music platforms.

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