Bella Poarch stuns in yellow as outdoor venture

Bella Poarch poses at the 10th Annual LACMA Art + Film Gala
Bella Poarch stunned in a yellow ensemble as she posed for an outdoor photoshoot. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Bella Poarch looked stunning in yellow and pink for a Steve Madden promotion.

The 25-year-old TikTok star headed outdoors for a photo shoot in the sun. She posed on a concrete staircase with some palm trees and shrubbery visible behind her.

For her outfit, she wore a pair of eye-catching Steve Madden PROMPT pumps in a hot pink color. The gorgeous shoes featured a platform style with a block heel and ankle straps.

Poarch paired the shoes with a cheery bright yellow sweater dress. The dress was long-sleeved and a bit baggy, with a short skirt that showed off Poarch’s legs.

To emphasize the outdoorsy tone of the photo, Poarch donned a pair of hot pink sunglasses over her eyes.

She also added some bejeweled hoop earrings to her look and chose to wear her luscious black hair in a high ponytail.

Bella Poarch promoted Steve Madden

Poarch tagged Steve Madden in the photos, which is a shoe and fashion accessories brand. The photoshoot was part of a paid partnership between Poarch and Steve Madden.

This is why Poarch donned those stunning hot pink platform pumps to show off Steve Madden’s unique shoe designs. In her first photo, the shoes were on full display as she rested them on the steps below her.

Bella Poarch poses on a staircase for a Steve Madden promo shoot
Pic credit: @bellapoarch/Instagram

In the second photo, she remained on the steps but turned to face the camera. She was snapped in the middle of adjusting her sunglasses.

Bella Poarch poses on a staircase for a Steve Madden promo shoot
Pic credit: @bellapoarch/Instagram

In the final photo, Poarch was shot from behind as she stood and picked a lemon from a tree.

Bella Poarch poses on a staircase for a Steve Madden promo shoot
Pic credit: @bellapoarch/Instagram

Poarch looked stunning in the photos and showed off Steve Madden’s shoes in a flattering way. Her promo showed that the shoes can be matched with unexpected outfits and can also give a height boost when picking lemons.

Meanwhile, with her 13.7 million Instagram followers, it isn’t difficult to see why Steve Madden would choose her for a partnership.

Poarch debuted a cute Halloween costume

Poarch took a break from her Steve Madden promotional posts to show off her 2022 Halloween costume. It is a costume that anime fans are very likely to recognize and appreciate.

Poarch dressed up as Nezuko Kamado from the manga and anime series, Demon Slayer. On the outside Nezuko is a petite and pretty young girl, however, she is also a demon and can take on a very different demonic appearance.

Poarch chose to go with Nezuko’s human form and she nailed it. After all, she already boasts Nezuko’s waist-length silky brown hair and fair skin, so all she had to do was match the outfit.

For the outfit, she wore Nezuko’s characteristic pink ribbon in her hair, pink kimono with a geometrical design on it, a black haori, a striped belt, and white socks wrapped in black bands.

She even wore Nezuko’s bamboo muzzle, which the character wears due to her demon identity and her necessity to avoid tasting human blood.

To add a final touch to the costume, Poarch wore contact lenses to make her eyes pink like Nezuko’s. Her costume was impressively accurate and also overwhelmingly cute.

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