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Bella Poarch stuns in a short pink dress for her ‘villain era’

Bella Poarch smiles into camera.
Bella Poarch is striking in a short floral dress for her “villain era.” Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Bella Poarch was stunning in a short pink dress for her “villain era,” complete with her hair done up to resemble horns. The Filipino-American singer and social media personality claimed sudden fame through a video of herself lip-syncing to M to the B by Millie B.

The floral pink dress included a hot pink flower patten and a black ruffled neckline that allowed Bella’s chest tattoo to pair beautifully with the dress. The long sleeves of the dress seamlessly turned into lovely fitted gloves, and further accentuated the “villainous” glamour.

Bella’s hair was as important to the outfit as the dress itself, and was beautifully incorporated into the look. The front sections of the singer’s hair were skillfully wrapped up into buns that appeared like devilish horns, and the back half of Bella’s incredibly long hair flowed behind her, reaching below her waist.

The social media personality wore high platform heels that were slick black and bold red underneath. Bella accessorized with shiny gold earrings that dangled low and scooped an opaque jewel.

Bella’s makeup was striking, with black winged eyeliner, long lashes, and a lipstick shade that perfectly matched her attire. Four photos of Bella posing in the outfit were followed by a video of her dancing in the fabulous pink dress.

Bella posted the series of photos and one video in the outfit to Instagram with the caption, “In my villain era” along with a smiling devil emoji and pink hearts. The post has earned well over 500,000 likes.

Bella releases her first EP

In the bio of Bella’s Instagram, the singer wrote that she has released her first EP, which she titled “DOLLS.” Bella’s EP is available to listen to on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and more.

Prior to the release of her EP, Bella posted to Instagram about the extended play. She wrote in the caption, “Over the past year, I’ve been working on this project which is a reflection of the everyday fight we all live.”

The artist added, “Each song reflects something different. Power, the need to fight, battling with inner demons, tapping into that main character energy, the sensitive side, and the urge to scream at the top of your lungs.”

Bella Poarch almost deleted her TikTok due to online harassment

Bella Poarch had almost deleted her TikTok due to online harassment.

In an interview with The Face, Bella spoke about the intense amount of hate she faced after she grew famous online.

“I was reading all 10,000 comments one by one,” she explained in the interview. Eventually her therapist suggested that she “stop uploading altogether.”

The star’s TikTok is still up and running, and hopefully, she will pay no mind to any online bullies.

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