Bella Poarch is gorgeous in all black and multicolor coat for The Beat Juice

Bella Poarch snaps a selfie
Bella Poarch looks incredible in glowy skin and a natural makeup look with long fake lashes. Pic credit: @bellapoarch/Instagram

Social media sensation Bella Poarch only keeps giving her fans more and more to talk about.

Poarch just keeps growing her career as time passes. She is now not only a TikToker and a content creator but also a singer and a fashionista.

She is known for her signature hairstyle of a high long ponytail along with her incredible tattoos.

Recently she looked incredible in different outfits posing for The Beat Juice.

The singer wore a black bra top to show off the tattooed angel wings she has just right below her shoulders and then put on a pair of black sleeves that covered most of her arm.

She paired these pieces with a plunging black leather long skirt and some knee-high leather boots.

Bella Poarch poses with colorful Coach bag for The Beat Juice

This time her hair was styled into two high and long ponytails, and she accessorized by wearing some silver rings as well as earrings.

Her makeup, however, added a pop of color with a soft pink eyeshadow and lip.

In another photo, she can be seen wearing a colorful and fashionable coat with the collar up. She decided to add a leather Coach shoulder bag that seemed to be splashed with multiple colors of paint.

The Beat Juice’s official Instagram shared these pictures of Poarch and captioned this post, “With her new album about to launch Bella Poarch is the most exciting pop star in the world right now! Super excited to share these pics from her BEAT #32 cover story.”

Why was Bella Poarch in the military?

The 25-year-old might be one of the most popular TikTokers right now, with a massive following of 92.3 million, but maybe you didn’t know that she served some time in the military.

In 2015, she enlisted to join the military at the age of 17 years old, serving in the US Navy for four years. She was stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and Japan.

Poarch has always been very honest about her struggles, childhood, and mental health. She spoke with H3 Podcast about why she decided to not renew her contract once the four years were over by saying, “I didn’t really have an option because my mental health was getting really bad in the military. And so my doctor decided ‘we don’t think you should renew your contract’.”

Watch the complete episode of Poach talking with H3 Podcast on YouTube.

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