Bella Poarch in thigh-skimming jacket for designer show

Bella Poarch close up
Bella Poarch stuns for Valentino show. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Social media users went into a frenzy over Bella Poarch when she first started posting content for the world to see.

She initially blew up in popularity on TikTok where she now has over 91.1 million followers.

In terms of likes, Bella has raked in over 2.2 billion from fans and followers who are completely obsessed with her videos.

For the most part, she shares social media posts when she’s dressed in trendy and appealing outfits.

Whether she’s doing a simple TikTok dance routine or hitting a major carpet event, she typically looks stunning.

Most recently, she shared an Instagram picture that shows off her legs in the most sizzling way.

Bella Poarch’s thigh-skimming jacket is a winner

It’s not uncommon at all to see a popular starlet like Bella posing for sultry pictures in outfits that show tons of skin.

She shared an Instagram picture wearing a thigh-skimming jacket over a matching bandeau and skirt.

The jacket stands out because it’s white on top with black fabric on the bottom. A pattern of oval shapes is sewn between the two colors to separate them about halfway down.

One thing Bella does well is choosing the perfect accessories to complete any gorgeous look. She added sunglasses, a small black handbag, a gold chain necklace, and black heels with thin straps.

Bella Poarch doesn’t always keep it so black and white

Bella’s black and white outfit had her looking fierce and sexy, but she is also comfortable wearing bright pops of color.

In late August 2022, she shared a photo thread in a stunningly eccentric dress that was quite colorful. The pink and red colors swirled together with an intricate black floral pattern.

One detail that made the dress unique is that it came with gloves to cover her shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands.

Kim Kardashian is another famous celebrity who has spent tons of time wearing dresses and tops with built-in gloves.

There’s something very classy and chic about wearing a dress that comes with gloves attached since the style is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. After all, many people can think back on Marilyn’s fashion choices with admiration and respect.

Another interesting detail about Bella’s dress is that it has a black ruffle pattern across the chest. The ruffled collar of the dress is low enough to reveal the tattoo printed in cursive across her skin but high enough to cover the top of her breasts.

Once again, Bella didn’t miss when it came to her accessories. She chose thick black heels, a small black purse, and dangling gold earrings.

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