Bella Poarch dressed in black to promote Steve Madden

Bella Poarch gazes into the camera.
Bella Poarch is gorgeous in just a long sweater. Pic credit: @bellapoarch/Instagram

Bella Poarch showed off her legs in just a sweater to promote Steve Madden.

The long black sweater was loose-fitting and featured white stitching of a rose, a cat, and several x’s. It cropped at the upper thigh and the style of the sweater accentuated the singer’s long legs.

Bella paired the long sweater with tall and polishable platform heels with a buckle strap around the ankle. These gave her extra height and created the illusion of even longer legs.

The artist wore her long and dark hair slicked back into a high ponytail that reached to her mid back. Her makeup was classic with smoky eye shadow, long lashes, and rosy cheeks.

Bella accessorized with sunglasses that protected her eyes and gave her outfit a bit of extra glam. She wore short dangling diamond earrings that nicely complemented the high ponytail and let the star shine brighter.

The TikTok creator posted the series of photos to her Instagram Story, showing the amazing look in several different poses.

Bella Poarch poses in long black sweater.
Pic credit: @bellapoarch/Instagram

Bella Poarch promotes Steve Madden

Bella’s incredible look was tagged @stevemadden so that Bella’s post could promote the brand. With Bella’s success as an artist and influencer, it’s no doubt why a brand such as this one would want Bella to model its products.

The pop singer posed confidently in the Steve Madden shoes by standing up and placing one foot forward and in another by crouching down and bending one knee up as the highlight of the shot, as she picked fruit from a tree.

Bella Poarch poses in long black sweater.
Pic credit: @bellapoarch/Instagram

Bella continued posing by standing up once more with the fruit from the tree in her hands, and one of her legs bent slightly behind the other. This photo also included a link to the Steve Madden website.

Bella Poarch poses in long black sweater.
Pic credit: @bellapoarch/Instagram

The last of the series of photos that included the adorable sweater and Steve Madden heels showed Bella crouching down another time with both of her knees bent at the same level in front of her. Bella added text to this photo of two pink heart emojis.

Bella Poarch poses in long black sweater.
Pic credit: @bellapoarch/Instagram

Bella Poarch matches her dog

Bella is already and adorable person, and the video she posted with her dog wearing a matching hoodie nearly broke the cuteness meter. The video showed Bella and her dog both wearing a black hoodie that read, “BOSS” with the letters in gold, white, and gray.

The video went on to show the two spending quality time together in their matching hoodies. Bella captioned her post, “My dog stole my look.”

The post earned well over 180,000 likes.

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