Bella Poarch attends F1 race in orange mini skirt

Bella Poarch snaps a selfie
Bella Poarch looks incredible in high pigtails, a dramatic eyeshadow look, and lots of silver jewelry. Pic credit:@bellapoarch/Instagram

The social media personality Bella Poarch has done it again.

The TikToker is very well-known on the platform and in the community. After all, she is the third most followed person on the app, right below Charli D’Amelio.

Poarch recently attended an F1 race, and she looked phenomenal, posing next to a donut that was bigger than the size of her head and with other important influencers.

She posed in front of a green Cash App background wearing a white crop top with different stamps on it to add a little color to it. Underneath, she wore a black top for contrast.

She paired the top with a bright orange skirt, perfect to watch super fast cars race as well as to stand out from the crowd.

Poarch put on a thigh-high pair of black socks with white lines at the very top underneath some black leather boots.

Bella Poarch poses with a huge donut at F1 race

To accessorize this outfit, she wore fingerless black gloves that covered half of her arm and carried around a small black handbag.

Her long dark hair was in its usual signature hairstyle, a high ponytail with long thin braided front pieces framing her face.

The singer posed next to American YouTuber Larray and gave us a better look at her makeup, which was simple, but looked super fresh and glammed up. She also adorned her pretty red and nude manicure with some silver rings, as well as wearing small silver hoop earrings.

Poarch posted a set of pictures on her Instagram and captioned the post, “Vroom vroom, had such an amazing time at Club Cash App for my first F1 race @cashapp.”

Bella Poarch opens up about how her life influences her music

The 25-year-old rose to fame as a social media influencer and viral TikTok user, but she’s also a musician and just released her first EP, Dolls.

Poarch sat down to talk to the Recording Academy to talk about her music and the meaning behind such dark lyrics in her songs, as much of her inspiration comes from her own childhood and time spent in the military.

When discussing the way different times of her life impacted her music, she revealed, “I did live different lives. But I was still the same when it comes to being hopeful and just like, manifesting good things in my life. … I was very anxious as a kid. I wasn’t really talking. My parents were not allowing me to speak whenever I wanted to. Now that I’m able to create music and be vocal about my feelings, I’m glad to be able to share my thoughts and express myself.”

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